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Well, it has been a bit since I’ve posted, but today I decided to get off my butt and post some of the photos. Basically, I had 15 days to do a road trip. Oh boy. I planned to head out to Denver, Vegas, etc. Go West young man!  (and family.)  But then I found […]

I’ve been pushing as much as I can on the little playhouse so each weekend and on occasional weeknights I make progress on it. I haven’t done much on the boat in the last couple of weeks though. As of tonight, I’ve finally started on the floor. I fit the boards inside the house and […]

A small teaser about one of the primary topics that will be written about over the next few months, and possibly even years. In a couple of months I’ll begin a project that has roots going back 15 years or more. This initial undertaking will be a trial and if successful (and enjoyed) may lead […]

Nearly got stuck today in a graveyard. Managed to power up the hill anyway and got this cool shot, taken by Susan.

Did a good bit of packing today. Even though our departure date is still 3 weeks away, I know from experience that departure dates have a tendency to just explode into the present, catching me with too much to do. Besides the last 2 weeks are up in the air. I’m not sure if we […]

I get a real kick out shooting skateboarders and “bboys” so I was really happy that I had some more time to go back and shoot the break dancers at the university again.  I expected Stone to be there but he wasn’t. I’m not sure if anyone from the first time was there this time […]

Couldn’t sleep this morning so I got up and started processing the BW film that I had used a while back. By now the developer had been sitting  around for months so I wasn’t even sure how well it would work. So I did a bit of mixing, some dunking, some spinning, a lot of […]

It is taking a while to get through Kaiping’s posts and photos, so I thought I’d post something else. How about another  movie review.  

Just wanted to post a few quick shots of Thanksgiving. Made stuffing “just like mama used to make” and Susan made an apple crumble dish. They were both big hits.  

About to run out the door, but I’m heading out on a 2-3 day adventure to see some more of China. Will post more upon my return!

Haven’t updated things for a while since the other day I had to reinstall Vista. All sorts of corrupted files or something. It is possible there was a virus (despite having anti-virus) or also one site seemed to suggest that using the windows cleaning utility could lead to corrupted files and problems. My exact problem […]

One of my coworkers dressed as a pirate for our Halloween Party.

Shot this view of Haiyun Bridge last week with my Nikon N80. Fishermen are a common sight along the river. This one is using  a long handled net and patience to land his prizes. Kodak 400TX

Sometimes people see me with my camera and request that I take their photo. I’m not sure why. They never give me their address of anything.  In this case, the guy wanted to be in the picture, but his girlfriend didn’t. While he was trying to convince her to pose infront of the foreign devil’s […]

The BW project has been ongoing for about 1 week now, and some thoughts and a few photos. 1) Film is very expensive. I’ve had to cut back on some shooting. 1 or two shots, not 4 or 5. In the past I might take several shots of a person figuring that they might blink […]

I’ve got a Nikon D70 (my first DSLR, purchased in 2004) and as it is very old, I’ve converted it to shoot near infrared light. This is an image that I recently shot with it.

Mmmmm, meatballs. My wife and I were walking the other week when I spotted this cool blue and yellow door. I immediately thought it would make a cool photo or something. My wife was hungry so she ran off to go get food.  She came back with meatballs. So I took her picture.

 A couple of weeks ago I took some pictures of some teachers playing soccer. I’ve never really been to a soccer game to take pictures so of course I just did the safe thing and shot some guys playing soccer, just like the photo above. NOT Actually I took about everything to see what I […]

In the beginning, it was all black and white. And it was good. Or maybe just I think it was good. But I’ve decided to go way back to the “good ol’ days” of yesteryear and shoot an entire month of just black and white film. I’ve got a few reasons which I shall mention […]

Two photos for today. Two workmen, but are they men who work? The first is a bike “driver.” These truckers of on three wheels just carry whatever, whenenver, whereever. But they seem to spend a lot of time time waiting for something to carry. The second man appears to be operating a compressor.

Shot this the other week while waiting for someone. He walked right past me despite all the Chinese stopping to stare at me. I mean honestly, who takes this kind a of picture?

Went to a museum the other week. Inside they had these cool “walls” everywhere that were supposed to represent characters (as in writing.) All I could think about was putting a flash on the other side and setting up a nice pattern somewhere. However, no flash was allowed. So instead, I put my wife on […]