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Heading to Bangkok this week for a few days so that Katherine can reenter China on her American passport. Should be loads of fun, though it has been pretty expensive. Round trip tickets for Susan and I, hotel for 2 nights, plus transportation around. Our plan is to arrive in BKK around midnight tonight, check […]

You may recall the story about John and Ronald the Mcdonald’s clown. Well, another intern, Jono, decided to do some crazy plan in honor of his 100th dive. The plan was for Johno to dress up like Ronald Mcdonald and act like a statue. John would push him off the boat and carry him down […]

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of interns were diving when they came along a chain wrapped around a large concrete block about 18 meters (60 feet) deep. Knowing that if they salvaged the chain, the tank filler Dang could perhaps sell it, Jono whipped out a DSMB. This combination of letters stands for […]

A tale from the other day:   We have an intern John who is the same level I am. He is a really nice guy. About a year ago he was doing his lower level training, and he was out one night, completely pissed. He passed a Mcdonalds and nicked Ronald, the clown statue. Being […]

The mighty D300 did not survive Songkram, but appears to have some sort of glitch. It will need to be serviced upon my return to China.

The below images were taken on the HTMS Kood (I’ve also seen HTMS Kut). No matter how you spell it, it used to be a WWII Landing ship medium, LMS 338.  The US navy gave it to the Thai navy who sank it a few years ago. All photos were taken wit a D300 in […]

Re: The post about Homberg Apparently, I found out that Homberg did want to go diving, but had never been able to; nothing would fit a man of such size.

Originally written April 12 I thought I would fill you in on what will probably be a very wet week. Normally I put on long pants, my hiking boots, and often a long sleeve shirt to head to work, lest I get sunburn. Plus my hiking boots are really comfortable. Today however, I wore just […]

Today there was no diving. Several interns decided to take advantage of this day off to deal with Thai visa requirements. I wanted to get Susan a re-entry permit.   5 of us piled into a baht bus to head to the next town. We arrived to find a line worthy of any DMV. We also […]

I haven’t written much in a while but I’ve been a bit busy. Often I get sidetracked with so many things I don’t really have time for much blogging. However, I’m putting up some posts in the next few days. I’m also leaving Thailand very soon and will be heading back to China. Apartment searching […]

Today Susan went on the boat as well. She goes every so often if she feels like it and this way she gets a free lunch to boot. We entered the dive shop and sat down on the sofa, being careful not to sit down too hard. Another diver flopped down on the couch and […]

I’ve added 4 new galleries.  It took me so long to do this since my hard drive failed, which took weeks and weeks to sort out, and then the computer failed, which took a while to fix, and then I had hundreds, no, more like thousands of photos to sort through. Of course, after I […]

The last couple of days have been rather busy with courses. Yesterday, I completed the Oxygen provider course, which by now is review. I’ve already taken the Rescue Diver course, and the EFR course, so this latest course on oxygen is ok, but generally known. Today was the EFR instructor course. I finished it with […]

Today was the final day of the prep course. The plan was simply to get on the boat and run through an open water instruction scenario. It went pretty badly. Nobody did their briefings prior, so when we did them for Gary, it pretty much sucked for all of us. We suited up and got […]

Today was day two of the prep course. This started off with a presentation we were supposed to prepare the previous day. All of us did relatively well. Then we listened to Gary get up and call us “d**kheads” for an hour or 2 before taking a test and then breaking for lunch. Following that, […]

Today I started the “IDC Prep Course.” This is a 3 day course that takes place prior to the PADI IDC course, or the Instructor Development Course. The prep course basically is a  sample of what we’ll be doing for the PADI course. I can see the benefits however this prep course consists a lot […]

Today I finally got my computer back and its working nicely again. I think I’ll run it less now. In the past, I would run it constantly, moving photos around to various hard drives, or just run out and forget to turn it off. Now, I will try to only run it if there is […]

I’d like to post more photos, but unfortunately, all of the software to handle the files from my camera is on my computer, and while Susan does have one, its not capable of handling the programs or the massive files from the cameras. Thus, its really annoying that I can’t look at the photos I […]

The Divemaster training is wrapping up now. The last two items remaining to be done are to turn in the map for our mapping project, and demonstrate a certain mastery of the various skills required to become a SCUBA diver. This is something called a “Skill Circuit” and consists of about 20 skills, though during […]

Today I got my laptop back, and the good news was that it was something to do with the motherboard. The chip was burned out due to high heat most likely. Only 3,000 baht. Not a bargain, but better than a new screen, which would have been more than 8,000 baht. The bad news was, […]

After finishing up diving, I headed over to Lek’s, where we normally hang out in the evenings. We did some chatting but headed over to the KTV place next door. While watching the Thai’s singing, we hatched an plan to sing a Thai song. Of course, since our pronunciation will be bad, and we won’t […]

Yesterday was a great day as I finished the swims. In order to pass the divemaster course one must do 4 timed exercises. A 15 minute float to tread water, a 400 meter swim with no aids, an 800 meter snorkel, but you can’t lift your head out of the water or use your arms, […]

I’d post some photos now, but my computer failed. It may be seriously toasted.  I’ll have to see if it can be repaired. Stay tuned.

Today I got a 6 month, multiple entry visa for China. Susan and I left about 5AM or so and grabbed a couple of motorbike taxis to take us to the bus depot. We got there safely and the bus ride to Bangkok also went well until we got to Bangkok. The bus got stuck […]