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China was great, show up, and within a limited time, check in with immigration, you can stay indefinately. Here though, you have to make a border run every 90 days or so. It sucks. I showed up at the immigration office and paid 2,000 baht for a 7 day extension, so I should be able […]

Something I liked about China is that I never felt I ran out of things to eat. There were so many different kinds of foods available , due to the large number of minority groups. You could have the different regional cooking as well. I could go on and on. But here, It seems that Thai restaurants […]

The Thai’s have an interesting way of speaking English. With a very strong stress on the last syllable of a word. So generally, rather than saying “club differ” like one normally would its, “club dif FER.” Same with scuba equipment. “regula TOR” “compu TER” etc etc etc. So at times, it can be a bit […]

After the usual round of diving, I headed back to Leks, the usual hang out for the interns. I’d heard about a movie that many of the divers were going to go see, and wanted find out what time we were all going. We all sat around shooting the breeze for a while. Somehow the […]

There haven’t been any posts for a little while due to a hard drive failure. My photos were stored on an external hard drive and I’d hoped to start regular postings with photos. However all the photos vanished. The good news is that I set up lightroom to backup everything to a second external hard […]

After 2 weeks I finally have a few photos to show. I’d add a link, but for some reason, I can’t do that. You can see them if you go to the gallery page link at the top of the site.

My trip to the hospital Yesterday, I was still coughing up giant globs of yellow mucus, so I decided to go to the hospital. I was worried enough to go even though the Chinese hospital visit I made involved long waits at every step, and was not very effective. The Pattaya International Hospital is completely […]

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been busy working through the rescue diver course. Basically, this course will teach me how to assist tired, panicky, or unresponsive divers. Since the course works best when there are several students, Nick, Scott and Kevin are also working through this course. We spent yesterday working through the […]

First dive             I awoke at 3AM and got up and started to read my diving books. I guess was I was pretty excited about the day. However, I could tell I was coming down with some sort of nasty cold. I knew that diving with a cold wasn’t the best thing to do, but […]

            “Hey bro, put it here!”                         I woke up around 7 or 8 and Susan and I headed out to look for the dive shop. I needed to be there around noon, but figured it was best to make sure I could find it first and then hang out nearby. Susan and I […]

The arrival and the first evening By and by, we neared Pattaya. The road changed slightly, a bit narrower. Mr. English kept his vehicle steady at 100Kmh for the most part and didn’t drive to crazily. I did notice some other interesting things about driving. Lanes are sort of fluid. If you are going around […]

The arrival My final flight appeared to be more or less on time. Without a wrist watch, I can’t say I’m really aware of what time it is or was at any given time. I should probably get one, but for right now, I guess I’ll just chill without one. I got off plane and […]

Well, there will be right around 1 hour remaining until we land in Taiwan. I suppose in a way this is the easiest time in a long hour flight as thing will start happening. The plane will descend, turn, etc. You know the flight is almost over.                 However, its also one of the hardest […]

I’d been packing and preparing to depart for Thailand in earnest for probably a week before my flight. I made up lists of things that needed to get done, and for the most part, I think they did get done, In retrospect, I wished I’d called Verizon to cancel my phone service, and contacted Adobe […]

            The time is 2:00AM and I’m still busy working on my computer. The installation has so far gone very well. Earlier today I moved over any files that I wanted to keep to my external backup drive. The new hard drive arrived late in the afternoon, but I went out to dinner with my […]

Well, I’ve nearly packed everything for my trip. I’ve got 2 checked bags, and my camera back pack, which also has another bag strapped to it. Should be able to get this kit onto the airplane. It’s got nearly all of my camera stuff in it, and it’s pretty heavy. Without the day pack attached, […]

I really haven’t updated this during the summer. While I was doing some interesting things, I guess I just didn’t quite get around to posting much. But now Thailand is just a bit over a week away. I’ll be leaving September 16, 2009, at 9:15PM.             So far, pre-trip preparations have been going smoothly. The […]

The Thai Consulate has now been in possession of my passport and documents for a full 10 business days and I’m getting a bit worried. First, there is still a lingering concern about the SCUBA school I’m using, “Aquanauts Dive Center” in Pattaya, Thailand. Sure, I’ve come across their name on other sites, and it […]