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Macgregor 26S

Here are most of the interior mods done to the interior of my Macgregor 26s. These make the boat pretty livable.

I wanted to showcase the mods I did to my Macgregor 26S as I have found a lot of helpful info on the web from other people and hope that I can help someone else. First of all, I have to specifically call out Sumner at Purple Sage for his incredibly informative website. Most of this […]

The pace of work on the boat continues at glacial speed. When they say that boat projects take 3 times longer than you plan for, it is definitely true in my case, but mainly because I do everything 3 times! So far I replaced the forestay as I noticed it was frayed. To do that […]

Took the boat out this weekend for a day sail, and like every other trip, our departure was delayed by last minute upgrades and mods. I have to admit, some of this was fueled by a West Marine shopping binge that only happened when I went in to replace a broken windvane, but then bought […]

Sunday morning opened with rain showers for a bit while we hunkered in in the bunker. I finally just put on some rain gear and crossed back to the Cheatham Dam Rec area to dump our portable toilet. Katherine definitely likes to use this toilet which actually is pretty nice. But emptying it after only […]

Again I awoke fairly early in part due to a passing barge. Some of the wakes from passing boats are fairly strong, and instead of lulling you off to sleep they make their presence known. We had a breakfast of eggs and sausage, and started off down the river. One goal of mine was to […]

Friday morning dawned and I was up pretty early. I tried fishing with crickets and caught a very small bass and a blue gill, but threw them both back in. When everyone was ready we pushed off and headed towards the lock. For navigation purposes, I had a Garmin etrex 30 GPS that I mainly […]

Like every boat trip, mods and loading take until the last minute and then some. Originally we planned to set off no later than 7, but I think it wasn’t until 830PM that we actually finally set off on the trip. We fueled up, taking on 11 gallons of gas, and filled up our water […]

I suppose one could have just jumped in the boat with whatever food and water was required and done a 3 day cruise down a river without any problems, but I decided to improve and add on to the Macgregor.

Next weekend, I should have 3-4 days to do something that I’ve wanted to do for over a year, and that is cruise down the Cumberland River from Nashville to Clarksville. My route shows a distance of approximately 91 river miles. I’m pretty excited and probably have been thinking of little else now for the […]

Not sure if I can’t ever leave things alone, or if the Macgregor 26S we have actually needs all the mods and things I do to it, but every time we go out, we have new stuff. This time was no different.

As much fun as we had with the Hitia 17, we decided that building something like Wharram’s Tiki 38 was more than we wanted to do.  And the Hitia 17 is definately a day sailer, not a family cruiser. So I began looking for some sort of cheap sailboat on Craigslist. Susan found a boat […]