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We went to a park with Katherine and the inlaws. Here are a few photos.

I didn’t go as I had to work, but Susan and her brother went to a concert with some famous Hong Kong singer, a one “Jacky Chueng.  Unfortunately, Susan did not end up with the D700 and 70-200 as I had forgotten about the concert and took the 700 to work. Susan instead showed up […]

Another post from the past. Not sure why, but we were out and about for some reason, and discovered the Peasant Movement Institute Museum.  It was free and while kept up, it didn’t appear to have received the makeover that many tourist sites got prior to the Asian games. This was really a memorial to […]

This happened a while back, but due to the winter course and a desire to complete the write up of my New Year trip, I am only now getting to it.

All vacations must come to an end, and this one was no different.  On Sunday we went to a small city park and walked around a short bit but mostly sat on the grass eating pickled fruit and peanuts. Then we gathered our things and departed for Guangzhou. Just a couple of photos here.   […]

On Saturday I took Katherine out for a morning walk to give Susan a chance to sleep in a bit. I walked out for an hour or so until I came to some older woman selling these lovely cardboard “doll houses.” I thought it too bad for Katherine that she wasn’t a bit older or […]

On Friday we headed for a nice park, similar to Guangzhou’s Baiyun Park. This park was big and was on a mountain. At first I wasn’t feeling the park. But we walked a bit and came to an open space where we had a picnic of swiss rolls and crackers.  Susan and I walked over […]

Firecrackers served as a wakeup call, albeit a rude one. For the next few days, firecrackers would be heard every morning. After our usual breakfast, we headed off to the flower market. Susan and I wanted to head to town but most other people planned to sit around and watch TV. That is pretty much […]

AT MIDNIGHT, a gazillion lighters lit a bazillion fuses, and countless shells were hurled into the sky. With a hunk of magnesium alloy in each hand, I ran up to the roof to view the fireworks. The show went on for over 30 minutes with the “mortars” flying everywhere and firecrackers banging away. Thankfully I […]

DAY 3 started about 8AM for us, but some were up much earlier. This was New Year’s Eve, so Uncle Buick’s mother was up killing chickens and washing clothes by hand despite the washing machine that was sitting there. Since it is a custom to take a shower on this day so that one is […]

TUESDAY morning was the model for all mornings that would follow. The day started around 9-10AM when breakfast was served. I pretty much skipped the Chinese food and went straight for the banana bread that we brought along with us.

FOUR AM came much too soon for my tastes after the long hours of teacher the day before, but our flight to Nanning was fairly early in the day, so we had to complete final preparations and get ourselves to the airport. Unfortunately, the apartment wasn’t as clean as I would have liked, but it […]

There were quite a few that I liked from Day 3, so I thought I’d post a few more before I close this chapter of our China Adenture.

ON WEDNESDAY, we decided to see more of these watchtowers, even if it meant. . . joining a tour! Thankfully this was not necessary as Susan was able to figure out which buses went to where we wanted to go which today was Ma Jianglong village and Zili Village. We boarded bus no 13 which […]

TUESDAY’S hours slipped by as we prepared to depart our hotel and head over to Chikkan but we got out and headed over to the post office to mail off the post cards we wrote to friends and family. After that, we boarded a bus for Chikkan.

TWO weeks ago, I decided that I wasn’t seeing and doing enough in China. Life was becoming a bit “normal.” The new plan was to take advantage of the many opportunities to experience more of China, or at least get out of the house on the weekend I compiled a to do list of things […]

Once in a while I go to the public squares and watch the dancing that goes on at night. On this particular night, I stopped a few minutes to watch the belly dancers. They were in the darkest corner of the square, and these ladies were spinning quite quickly, but  I did get a photo.

Took a shot of this skateboarder doing a trick on his board. Plan to follow up and check out the Chinese skateboarding scene in the future.

Didn’t actually make it to Thailand. China required Susan to have a visa before they would let her out, even though they knew she could get one on arrival in Thailand. Totally sucked. Oh well. Hopefully won’t make that mistake again. . . ever. Haven’t written in a while since I’ve been busy. But here […]

These photos were all taken during the opening day of the Asian games.      

I walk past some garbage cans every day on my way to school, and sometimes I notice stuffed animals waiting patiently to head to where ever it is they go in the big truck.  This particular toy was in good condition, which leads one to ponder its history. Was there a breakup? Did some woman […]

Saw this sunrise as I walked with Katherine one morning. Also seen are two of Guangzhou’s newest and tallest buildings. On the right, the Canton Tower (also known as the Guangzhou Tower) and on the left, the Commerce Building. The day was remarkably free from haze this morning due to air quality control restrictions in […]