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My last day is over.  I managed to get through the tons of quizzes and other things that had to be graded, then taught the class I had to do and left. A non event. Had dinner at a Korean BBQ place which was pretty nice and then headed home.  Mixed feelings about the job […]

Today is the last day for work. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst classes. They are not bad, just really young, with parents who are very demanding. Parents sit in the classroom most of the time, and the kids cry a lot. Their attention span is mere minutes and after 40 minutes, they pretty […]

Finished the weekend! One last day, one last class, and a bunch of quizzes, tests, and work cards to grade and return to teachers and students.  Then I’ll fade into the mysts of time, probably forgotten in a few days.

The packing commences. Nothing too major. I hope to go through each room gradually as the time to depart nears, but actually just thinking today (the 20th) I’ve got to have the entire place squared away by the 31st as we plan on doing a bit of visiting before we go.

Very excited to be returning home now. Just the feeling that there are two weekends left at work is also very nice. We’ll probably buy the tickets tonight for the return trip but we’ll see. I shaved my beard yesterday. An interesting experience. Already started to pack. My goal is to have the packing done […]

Susan got her visa! Very happy about that. We are definately going to the USA. Currently, we are waiting to buy the air tickets and pack up. We also have to get Katherine an exit permit. We have two more weeks at work, and then we’ll head to a city or two in China to […]

If you are reading this, I am actually already in the US. But since  we wanted things to be a bit of a surprise for people, Susan and I aren’t telling anyone at this time. Thus, I can’t just post this up for everyone to see just yet. I’ll set it for a release at […]

A while back I posted some photos of the temple fair that we went to on Feb 18th. Since I was expecting to see older culture, I decided to bring along film so I brought my F4 with the 50mm 1.4D and the N80 with the 14-24 2.8G . However, as the day went on, […]

Tonight I returned with radio triggers! Unfortunately, neither Stone nor JJ were there, and the group that was seemed a bit reluctant to perform in front of the camera. Either they have grown tired or me, or they just didn’t really want to work it. Oh well. Ended up shooting fewer than 50 shots. Decided […]

My beard finally got too long, so I got it cut off. I decided to do it at a street barber. Susan took the photos of course.  

I’m not the only one taking pictures in China. (Groundbreaking statement) Over the last few days, I’ve caught these guys in the act.

Spotted this cat going about its cat business the other day. I took several shots until some little boy came over and scared the cat off. Oh well, maybe one day a bigger cat will scare the boy away. Or just eat him.

While walking along the other day, I spotted a tree that had been nearly blown down by the strong winds we had been having. However, the tree was resting against other trees so these guys pulled it down by hand. The tree was probably weakened considerably by some sort of bug nest inside the trunk. […]

Just a quick shot of Katherine while I was playing around the other day. Nothing too fancy.

No photo for this one, just a story. I went into the Supermarket today and it was pretty crowded for only 9AM. The lines at the few open registers were probably 15-20 people long each. I got into one and after waiting a while found myself next in line. Then some stinky dude showed up […]

Posting a couple of more images from my last batch of film to come back from the scanner. Shot with a Nikon F80/N80 film camera using Ilford Pan 400.

A couple of shots of the break dancers taken with my Nikon F4, Ilford Pan 400 pushed to 800, and probably the Nikon 35mm f2D lens.  I want to say that shutter speed was probably about 1/10 second. I figured this would be a bit slow but I decided to shoot anyway. To really burn the […]

Went into the Haizhu market district slinging my F4 and got a few photographs. This area is home to a large number of whole sale markets, especially ones related to cooking and stationary. This is where I go to get the best prices on stickers and white board markers. It is also where we get […]

Joe is one of my coworkers and is a super cool guy with a great sense of humor. I met him in 2008 and his English wasn’t so good back then but it is pretty good now. Since there are not enough offices for all of the staff, Joe often grabs one of our spots […]

I recieved this question and thought I would answer it in this post so that I could just paste the whole thing, photos in all in another forum. “Could you explain the connection between higher shutter speed and harder shadow?” Perhaps we might have different definitions of “hard.” I’m not sure if the edge would […]


I’ve heard good things about “temple fairs” but I can’t say the one we went to in Guangzhou last week was that good. It was actually quite disappointing. From other sites out there I get the impression that you can see lots of old Chinese customs and culture at these fairs. Originally they were largely […]