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  Well, I thought I had better update things. I got very busy and stopped writing during the last few days of Japan, so I’m just writing from memory, and reviewing my photos.   On the 15th, I ended up getting lunch with Kengo at another Japanese place. Then I met up with his business […]

 Two more galleries have been uploaded. So today was a pleasant and enjoyable day, but actually nothing much was done.   I got up fairly early actually, and then spent the slightest amount of time emailing the photos from the club to K. Then we both went out to some Japanese restaurant. On the way […]

  After finishing up with last night’s photos and posting, I packed up my things, and headed up stairs to my room. The door was open a crack, and the light was on its dimmest setting. I could tell there was another person in the room, even without the light. Yep, K from accounting was […]

  Well, today was pretty relaxing, and I hardly did anything. After getting sufficiently hungry, I decided it was time to descend on Beppu’s eating establishments like a Mongolian horde. Scratch that image; I’m not Mongolian, I’m not a horde, and I didn’t pillage any women or rape the cattle. I did head off to […]

  Today I’m sitting in Beppu, having decided to not just run out and find something to see yet. I’ve got lots of time in a way. I’ve seen ancient temples and modern shopping meccas. I’ve walked the urban jungles and been warmed by sun filtered through thick forests. So today I’ll rest. My feet […]

  I’m in the most awesome “hotel” that I’ve ever been to I think. And its only $20.   After wasting most of last night writing, packing, going to the grocery store, cleaning my shirt, etc, I found myself ready for bed about 3 or 4 AM. I woke up about 9:30 I think. Not […]

Well, I haven’t uploaded photos for a while so I’ve got a bunch to put up. Here are two galleries.   The first is the second day of Nagasaki, where I go see other stuff not related to the A-bomb,           The second is from yesterday when I spend much of […]

  I didn’t write yesterday as I really just felt very tired. I’d been walking around all day and actually, I didn’t really see that much of anything worth mention. I’ll try to be quick about it then.   I woke up and headed out “behind” the hostel which contained a row of temples and […]

  Today’s plan was to see the atomic bomb stuff, so about 9:33 I was out the door and walking. There is a street car I could take, and even buses, but with Hiroshima, I found that things were so close, why bother? Nagasaki is pretty long, and while I could walk, people in a […]

  I don’t have a lot to show for today, as I only really did a couple of things. One was see a Japanese production line, and the other was getting to Nagasaki.     I woke up a bit late but knew that I didn’t have a lot planned. I ran into an Australian […]

  The temptation was overpowering. Sure I didn’t need to go through those doors, as I’d been through them before, and much too often. But this is Japan! Maybe it will be different. And with that, resolve faded away, and I was sucked inside. . .     Today was rather unique in the sense […]

  “Closed Mondays, holidays, and for certain unscheduled closings” With that, I hung my head and left.     Today was really a nothing day. But it wasn’t too bad. After writing the previous entry, I headed out to buy my gloves. Taking the tram and walking a bit got me to a big department […]

In Hiroshima now. Yesterday’s plans pretty much fell apart at noon and I can’t say yesterday was the best day I’ve had in Japan so far. I got on the train and it left at 6:23AM. I didn’t sleep that long so I think I must have been a bit tired throughout the day. However, […]

“Its time to pray. “ Those are the words uttered by the great jack of all trades psychic next to me at the table to explain why his cell phone is ringing and he won’t silence it. I’d at least answer it if God was calling me. The day started about 2 hours later than […]

“The first thing that struck me were these killer pigeons that stalking me. . ..”

It took a few minutes, but I found the museum, and bought a ticket. I also bought a ticket to the special exhibit, FUKUZAWA Yukichi: Living the Future. I thought it would be a cool exhibit with lots of science or something. I am an idiot though, and I’d be dissappointed later. But lets not get too far ahead.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post lots of photos. It might not be until after the trip. The problem is that my primary cameras are a bit of a hassle to transfer photos to my computer. And then once I’ve got them on, I really need to run them through my photo […]

I went to bed after 1AM and barely slept. I think deep down inside, I was worried about missing my flight. I knew that after 4AM, I kept looking at my watch. Then I noticed my phone was on the bed. Since I had put it on the floor when I went to sleep, I […]

As mentioned previously, I plan to carry my camera gear and computer with me where ever I go. Today was the first time I included everything in the pack. I’ve run into a couple of problems. First, the computer barely fits in the bag. Its also really heavy. Basically, I’ve added another 7 pounds, maybe […]

I’ve still been steadily cleaning up the apartment, and preparing to leave China.  I feel a bit sad to be leaving everyone behind, as well as the cushy lifestyle of a foreign English teacher. I’ve nearly packed everything up though. I think I’ll be ready soon. For useful information, I managed to acquire my JR pass. […]