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TWO or three times a year, the Chinese go on a “golden week” when just about everybody goes on holiday. It is a pretty crazy thing. In recent times, the government has tried to break up the week long holidays into smaller blocks of time. The government figures that a the old way of having an […]

Almost done with my Chinese National Day holiday week and I’ve travelled by plane, train and automobile. I’ve also taken some 2,500 photos of this and that. Tomorrow I go back to Guangzhou to prepare to go back to work but hopefully I’ll have time to look at a few of the photos. Lots of […]

Today I started off with a little walk and then we had a hearty breakfast. We sat around a bit, then went to the Temple of Heaven. Again, I’ve already been there so can’t say we went around taking great tourist photos. I was more into the family snaps.   On the way back from […]

Day two was another pretty slow day. We didn’t do a whole lot for most of the day. Susan and I took a walk to the park  then we headed to the forbidden city. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the place was nearly closed. So we pretty much ran through and then left.  […]

This is the first trip with a baby and things didn’t go to badly. Our baby hardly cried so that was a real plus. I intended to take a lot more photos but didn’t really get the chance. Oh well. The plane ride was uneventful and we took a taxi to our hotel. Susan and […]

Got back from Beijing a few days ago and started to sort through the 1,800 photos that were taken by all us. I took about 1,300 just by myself on this three night trip.  If you ever find yourself in this situation, where you have hundreds of  photos taken by multiple cameras to sort through I’ve got […]

We walked to the park with bread from breakfast and a plan. I guess ever since mom got grabbed by the monkey in Siem Reap she must have been thinking about how to outwit the monkeys. So this time she had a decoy bag of bread that she planned to throw if the monkeys got […]

On Monday we didn’t do all that much. A bit of shopping and we did visit the night market which was another tourist shopping area.  We did rebook our ticket for Phnom Penh. When we originally did the schedule, we were supposed to spend a few days in Siem Reap then move on to Phnom […]

We got up around 6AM today to go see the temples but today would be a slight bit different than the first day. To start with, only Susan and I would be going as Mom had satisfied her need for temples. Susan and I had 3 day passes though and we wanted to put them […]

We’d set up our tour with the hotel so today we got up nice and early to go see the sunrise over Angkok Wat.  Our tour guide was Lev “you-know-that.” He didn’t have the best English, but what was soon clear was that every few words would be “you know that?” -“Some tourists, you know […]

After breakfast we headed for the airport for our short flight to Cambodia. As we descended into Siem Reap, I immediately felt that I liked Cambodia. We arrived in Siem Reap and I soon found that we didn’t really know much about the place. We soon learned that taxis from the airport charge a flat […]

Today’s plan was to head back to Bangkok to spend the night before departing for Cambodia the following day.  Since our flight was early the following day, it sounded like a better plan than driving for two hours the day of our flight. However, Mom wanted to do a bit of gift shopping for friends […]

After our hearty hotel breakfast we set off for Pattaya.  The drive was just a couple of hours but full of adventure and uncertainty. First, our car was somewhat old. I’m not sure if it was the car or the driver, but regardless of why, the car got up to speed before it felt like […]

Today we started with a good hotel breakfast buffet (included with the cost of our room) and then got a taxi to take us to  the temple of the Emerald Buddha. My plan was to start at this rather far spot, then walk back to the hotel stopping at anything that seemed interesting. Right away, […]

On Friday, we flew to Thailand after saying good bye to Charles. I would have liked to have had Charles come with us, but do to bumps along the way, there just wasn’t time. We traveled to our hotel, the Prince Palace, and checked in. It is an interesting hotel, located in a pretty good […]

As our flight back to Guangzhou was later in the evening, we went to a local market in the morning and looked around. It was rather neat with the mountains in the background. We bought a few last souvenirs, packed up, and then left Lijiang heading back to Guangzhou. We were really excited at first […]

After we woke, we went for a walk around Lijiang and ended up sitting in a coffee shop for a couple of hours reading books. We then went to a big “temple” of sorts that also had a nice viewing area on the top floor so we could take some city shots. After the sun […]

The trip back to Lijiang started out so so. We were running late, so Susan sent me ahead to catch up with the bus and get a seat. This would be ok normally, except things were not going as planned so I was unable to communicate. Turns out, the main bus was full, so we […]

For new years day, we didn’t do too much. In the morning we got a ride out to a small island on the middle of the nearby lake. On the island was a temple, and a house belonging to some westerner (currently dead) who used to live there. We took a bunch of photos, then […]

For breakfast, we again started off with the usual bowl of noodle soup. I’m a bit tired of it. Susan tried to convince #2 to eat a large quantity of noodles quickly, and was really egging the 5 year old on. I cringed at this, since I knew that it would end with the kid […]

Susan didn’t feel well, so I spent most of the day just wandering around a bit. The village was really small, so there wasn’t much to do. We did end up heading out to see a minority dance around 8PM. The real draw of this village is the fact that it is a minority people, […]

We were picked up by a somewhat cramped BMW car. I felt this was a good sign, since the car was modern, so we must be heading to some luxurious bus. In reality, the bus was a fairly standard bus, the usual “half bus” that probably took around 20 people or so, as opposed to […]

We woke up and it was pretty much freezing cold. Much too cold for my tastes.  We found out that there was a mistake regarding our bus to the minority village. The travel company called the bus company twice telling the bus company that there were “ two couples” who wished to go to the […]

To start out the day, we had big bowls of oily noodle soup. Mmmmmmish. I’m personally not a huge fan, as the noodles are basically overcooked spaghetti. And it is pretty oily. Our next stop was for some clothing. Its pretty cold here in Lijiang, and I had enough clothing, barely, just for myself. I […]