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Last week I posted my first experience with redscale film and this week I’m posting my first experiences with cross processed film. While I was reasonably happy with the redscale shots, the xpro’d rolls didn’t really send me. We have two shots,  both are shot with very different film types, and shot with different cameras, […]

Quite a while ago I discovered some cool photos shot in “redscale.” This is a technique where one shoots through the base of the film or the wrong side of the film. You can buy redscale film such as this roll of Rollei Redbird film available at Freestyle Photographic Supplies.

I own a Nikon F5, an F100, and an N80 (among others). Out of these, I would say that the F100 is probably my favorite. I could go over the specifications, but I don’t care to, as they are already on the net all over. I’m just going to compare it to my other cameras. […]

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of firewod cutting with my brother and his eclectic crew. We use Stihl chainsaws, my brother’s aging F250 crew cab, and for commercial work, a fairly underpowered log splitter. In many ways we are hampered by a lack of equipment. Other operations have Bobcats with claw attachments, we do […]

A while back I posted some photos of the temple fair that we went to on Feb 18th. Since I was expecting to see older culture, I decided to bring along film so I brought my F4 with the 50mm 1.4D and the N80 with the 14-24 2.8G . However, as the day went on, […]

Posting a couple of more images from my last batch of film to come back from the scanner. Shot with a Nikon F80/N80 film camera using Ilford Pan 400.

A couple of shots of the break dancers taken with my Nikon F4, Ilford Pan 400 pushed to 800, and probably the Nikon 35mm f2D lens.  I want to say that shutter speed was probably about 1/10 second. I figured this would be a bit slow but I decided to shoot anyway. To really burn the […]

Went into the Haizhu market district slinging my F4 and got a few photographs. This area is home to a large number of whole sale markets, especially ones related to cooking and stationary. This is where I go to get the best prices on stickers and white board markers. It is also where we get […]

Joe is one of my coworkers and is a super cool guy with a great sense of humor. I met him in 2008 and his English wasn’t so good back then but it is pretty good now. Since there are not enough offices for all of the staff, Joe often grabs one of our spots […]

I walk past some garbage cans every day on my way to school, and sometimes I notice stuffed animals waiting patiently to head to where ever it is they go in the big truck.  This particular toy was in good condition, which leads one to ponder its history. Was there a breakup? Did some woman […]

Left: A giant boot sits waiting for someone to fill it. In the meantime, this oversized footware can be found in an “outdoor” clothing store. Shot with my Nikon F4 using Ilford Pan 400 film, pushed 2 stops. I developed this for 14 minutes in Kodak D:76 full strength, but next time I”ll be using […]

Katherine and I Kodak 100 Tmax, shot with Nikon N80, developed with Kodak D-76 1:1, agitated 10 seconds every 30 seconds, for 9.5 minutes

  My wife took this last week on a walk through the university. There are places on the Sun Yat-sen campus that are like an enchanted world, such as this one, with thick trees and even run down houses. Taken with a Nikon F4 on Ilford Pan 400.

Bath time! A couple of shots of my daughter during her bathtime.

On the pedestrian bridge from yesterday’s post, a two blind musicians play for passing pedestrians.

On pedestrian bridges at night time, vendors come out to hawk their wares to passing people on the way home from work. This toy seller caught the eye of the child, and perhaps the wallet of his father. Nikon N80, Kodak 400TX

Guangzhou is hosting the 16th Asian games next month and over the last few weeks we have seen the preparations and rehersals taking place throughout the city. Police barricades are being piled up along the street so that they can quickly be erected, and  the opening ceremony is practiced daily in the stadium. We can’t […]

Took these the other day using my Nikon F4 film camera, ILFORD Pan 400 black and white film, and Nikon 35mm f2D lens.

The BW project has been ongoing for about 1 week now, and some thoughts and a few photos. 1) Film is very expensive. I’ve had to cut back on some shooting. 1 or two shots, not 4 or 5. In the past I might take several shots of a person figuring that they might blink […]

  Another photo from the BW project, where I’ve been shooting black and white film. This shot was taken with Lucky 100, a cheap Chinese brand that seems to have mixed reviews. It certainly has a look compared to the other films I’ve been shooting lately. I tend to prefer a more contrasty film. I’m […]