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Film Cameras

I own a Nikon F5, an F100, and an N80 (among others). Out of these, I would say that the F100 is probably my favorite. I could go over the specifications, but I don’t care to, as they are already on the net all over. I’m just going to compare it to my other cameras. […]

Hello my name is Ben and I’m an addict. I own a Nikon FG-20 which I purchased a while ago but haven’t added it to my blog collection yet. The FG-20 is one of 3 similar Nikon cameras that came out in the early 1980’s that presented a nice balance of budget and weight savings. […]

I own two 35mm Holgas. Originally, the Holgas were made in the 120 film format, but when I decided to get a holga, I didn’t really know how to deal with 120 film, i.e. where do I get it developed?  So instead of the classic models, I got the new, more “accessible” models. The Holga […]

I first saw a Nikon N80 in 2000 I think, and I was smitten with jealousy. At that time I had a Minolta SLR, which wasn’t a bad camera, but the N80 was so much cooler, being a Nikon. I purchased the camera on Ebay in 2009 as it would work with all of my […]

This is my Nikon F4. I purchased it in 2010 in a second hand camera shop in Guangzhou. It was pretty much mint. This camera was Nikon’s flagship model for almost a decade, and now it is my favorite film camera to use. Mine is the F4, without any of the verticle grips. AF and […]

The Nikon FM2 filled my desire for a fully mechanical Nikon SLR camera. I purchased mine in 2008 and used it a good bit during that year, and a bit in 2009. However, when I left for Thailand and China, I decided to take the N80 over the FM2. I actually regret that decision a bit […]