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Archive for October, 2008

This is my current primary camera, and one that I expect will be in frontline service for another 3 years or so. It was purchased August 2010 and by racked up some 10,000 shots by November. This camera is as rugged as the D300 but it has numerous advantages over the 300. One of the […]

This is my Nikon D300 which was my primary camera for about 2 years, starting in 2008 until 2010. I have no complaints about this camera. Going from my old D70 to the D300 was about the biggest jump in cameras since getting a DSLR from the point and shoot I had before it. All […]

This is my wife’s camera. I bought it for her in 2009. I use it occasionally, but I do not particularly enjoy this camera. Coming from any other DSLR, I  find it has some issues that make it very annoying.  First, it will not shoot unless the focus is locked, even if it is in […]

Following the D70, the D70s is virtually identical. There are some differences, but none that I care about. I bought the D70s as I needed a camera to serve as a second body and I was using my D70 as an IR camera. Once I got the D700, the 300 became the second body, and […]

This is my first DSLR and my first Nikon camera. I bought this in 2004 after considering the Canon Rebel, which I decided against as it looked cheap and plasticy, and the flash capabilities were not quite as good.  I currently use the D70 as an IR camera. My D70 has had the make and […]

I own two 35mm Holgas. Originally, the Holgas were made in the 120 film format, but when I decided to get a holga, I didn’t really know how to deal with 120 film, i.e. where do I get it developed?  So instead of the classic models, I got the new, more “accessible” models. The Holga […]

I first saw a Nikon N80 in 2000 I think, and I was smitten with jealousy. At that time I had a Minolta SLR, which wasn’t a bad camera, but the N80 was so much cooler, being a Nikon. I purchased the camera on Ebay in 2009 as it would work with all of my […]

This is my Nikon F4. I purchased it in 2010 in a second hand camera shop in Guangzhou. It was pretty much mint. This camera was Nikon’s flagship model for almost a decade, and now it is my favorite film camera to use. Mine is the F4, without any of the verticle grips. AF and […]

The Nikon FM2 filled my desire for a fully mechanical Nikon SLR camera. I purchased mine in 2008 and used it a good bit during that year, and a bit in 2009. However, when I left for Thailand and China, I decided to take the N80 over the FM2. I actually regret that decision a bit […]

Nikon’s latest and greatest ultra wide angle zoom. It completed my “big three” line up and was purchased in 2010. Not a whole lot to be said about this lens that hasn’t been said over and over again before. I use it mainly on my D700 though have used it on my F4 as well. It […]

If I could only have one lens out of my collection, this would probably be it. I use it all the time. Since I got the D700, this lens has been even better, since it could be used as a true 24mm lens. It is pretty fast as well. I highly recommend this lens to […]

This is the first of the “big three” that I purchased, this one in 2008 I believe. It is a great lens though very big and heavy. I rarely use the hood since the lens looks enormous with the hood attached. Nikon has released a newer version, but I don’t see the need. There is […]

My fastest lens and one of the two that can be used on all of my Nikon cameras as it has the aperture ring on the back. I can shoot with this on my FM2. However, I don’t usually shoot with the 50mm range since I prefer the 35mm focal length. I do enjoy using […]

I have a decent sized and growing lens collection, but one of my most used lenses is the Nikon 35mm F2D. Simply put, it is small, light-weight, is fully compatible with all of my cameras and is a really good focal length for most uses. Being a prime, it of course weighs a lot less […]

Got this for those times I wanted a bit of extra reach on my cameras. I don’t use it a lot since it seem to cut down on image quality a bit. Or maybe it just might be the haze I shoot through. I’d probably suggest the 1.7 for use with the 70-200.

I’ve used this lens when I want the fishey effect or when I needed something faster than the Sigma 10-20. It is a nice little lens, though because of the fisheye effect, it can’t be used all the time.  It doesn’t really work on the D700, but I have no plans to find the FX […]

Got this for my wife to use on her D60. It has a a full time manual focus override and VR, so it seemed like a good lens for the D60. However, compared to my other lenses. . . . The focus ring of this lens is actually in the back. While it does seem […]

One of my wife’s favorite lenses. I purchased this for myself in 2008 to use on my D300 and D70. However, it suffered from terrible back focusing on the 300 and would just twitch on the D70. It took a long time to lock focus. One guy claimed that sigma told him it wouldn’t work […]

One of my most used lenses for a couple of years. Very wide and ruggedly built. I crashed a motorcycle when the Sigma was mounted to the bike.. It mostly survived. On the plus: Very wide and rugged. On the minus. AF-S focus override doesn’t work like it does on Nikon lenses. Not very sharp, […]

My SB-600’s have been used quite  a bit. I used to have 4, but then I clumsily stepped on one (I think my original). One was bought new around 2005 or 6 I think. The rest were purchased on Ebay. As a result, they are a somewhat broken bunch. One of them had the flash […]

I’ve got one Nikon SB-800. I use it quite a bit, mainly as the commander to my others. I think it is generally a great flash unit, however, the UI is quite slow. I understand that the SB-900 is much faster, but it is also much bigger and expensive. I see no reason to upgrade. Should […]