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Archive for December, 2008

The third day, Charles had to get his bag from the airport. Susan and I went to see one of the markets districts, but honestly, I didn’t really care that much for it. We had a Macdonalds meal at the train station, where we all had Big and Tasty’s. You can’t find those in mainland […]

The next day, we left and headed out to see the Tian Tan Buddha,(opens new window) located on Lantau Island. We took the metro to a cable car station, and then took a cable car to the top. You apparently could walk if you desired, but it appeared to be a long, uphill climb. We […]

My brother finally arrived though, but he had quite the appearance. It has been over 11 months since I’ve seen him in person, and his hair was much longer than when I had last seen him. It took a second or two for me to recognize him when I opened the door. (Perhaps as he […]

It has been a while, but I did go to Hong Kong the other day. On the 20th actually. I’ll put some photos up later. I left via train from Guangzhou. I found the service to be very nice. Just 2 hours or so, and without the pass port gauntlet that you get if you […]

Today just happens to be 3 months until I’m back in the, US. 90 days or so, but of course, with time changes and the international date line, it could be slightly more, or slightly less. I thought I’d just post what will probably be happening over the next few months. For starters, my brother […]

First, I finally got the email posting feature to work. Took a while. Work moving the material from the old site has moved very slowly. Mainly as so much of the info was basically dated. Its also a mess with broken links. The site had been moved once before but it was done poorly. My […]

After getting up making it about 5 metro stops towards Chimelong I realized I’d forgotten my ticket. So I returned to my apartment, running most of the way. I ran back to the metro and finally made it to the Chimelong Metro at 10:27. The ticket said to be at the gate at 10:30 but […]

Went in to work this morning and spent about four hours on our power point presentation for the 2009 Winter Course. It took a bit longer than I anticipated. Just Andy and I worked on it. I can’t blame the others in our group for not coming in on their day off, but while I […]

I fooled around trying to figure out how to make CSS work with my homepage. My idea was to somehow put my blog right on my homepage, but as I’m an ultimate newbie, that’s not going so well. Its 1AM now, so I’m going to bed. I’ll try go figure it out some more tomorrow. […]