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Archive for January, 2009

I’ve returned from my travels this Chinese New Year.  I’ll be posting a report of my travels soon as well as adding a gallery of photos to the site.  It will take a while as I’ve got some other things to do as well. Each report will be dated to reflect the date it talks […]

I woke up with the plan being to meet up with Andy and Lee, have breakfast, and then take the bus together. I sent him a couple of text messages, then tried to call, but no answer. I decided to leave without him. I thought perhaps they had already left or something. After checking out, […]

Day Six saw the departure of Susan. She thought about calling in sick, but I told her she really should go to work.   Andy came to the hotel and checked in. We had a western style buffet. I decided to join up again with Lee and Andy who had some plans for the day. […]

Day 5 Dawned with no particular plan in place, except to perhaps revisit some sights during the day. We walked until we found a traditional place for breakfast. After eating, we headed to a lighthouse. Along the way, I tried out the various exercise equipment for anyone to use. The climb to the top yielded […]

 See the photos Andy and Lee had originally planned to head to Zhouhai which is actually right across the border from Macau. They left a bit before Susan and I did but we ended up catching up with them and even ended up on the same bus. I think it was about 1.5 hours or […]

Day three dawned, chilly as usual. Today was carrier attempt two. Despite the previous communication difficulties, we finally got Lee to understand the concept of an aircraft carrier, and she found a taxi driver who knew about this carrier. Armed with the guarantee that such a boat was out there for us to find, we […]

New Year’s Eve dawned a bit chilly but not too bad. We awoke and headed to a local place and ordered breakfasts of noodles. I don’t think I need to tell you what we thought the noodles looked like, but they were actually pretty good. Our plan today was to hit the Shenzen amusement park, […]

Well, the photos are loaded onto my computer so now I’ll send them to you in a day by day account of what happened. On Saturday, it was a bit chilly which was a dissappointment since earlier in the week it was much more enjoyable. Indeed, most of our trip would see gray skies and […]

Haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a rough update of things past, and things to come. First, winter course got started last week. It basically means we teach during the week and only get 1 day off, but since we generally work so little anyway, its not such a bit deal. The good news […]

After getting up I met up with Susan and we had dim sum for breakfast. It was so-so but honestly, not as good as the usual place. Many things tasted like pepper and only a few dishes were really good. I hope to return to the tried and true “tree place” with its consistently good […]

Tomorrow’s plan so far is to wake up pretty early (for me, lately at least) and head up to the Tianhe district for some dim sum. Its tasty and I’ve been wanting some so it should work out. Afterwards, I’ll head over to the dentist which is in the same area. I think its time […]

Today marks just 51 days until I leave China for Japan. I’ve started to seriously look at how to best move out. Since I can’t just carry all of my stuff through Japan for three weeks, I think I will have to mail anything I want to keep back, and ditch the rest. One problem […]