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Archive for May, 2009

The bike is ready. Not entirely certain of the exact day or hour I’ll be leaving, but I feel like I’m about to blast of into space. I have been planning for this day for nearly 2 years, and now it is here. I almost feel not ready. Which is partly true as I must […]

  Three platoons immediately jumped into position, setting up a defensive perimeter. The order was to fire at anything that moved, looked suspicious, or might just be fun to shoot at. As the men poured lead into the forest, the radio operator screamed for air support.   After my run to Utah, I realized some additional […]

In the beginning, Hewlet packard saw fit to include a 4gb hard drive in my computer. And it was good. But soon, I was forced to routinely delete and reinstall programs. And then, Dell saw fit to include a 20gb HD on my next computer. I looked over the specs, and saw that it was […]

Most of the comments that people leave on this site are spam. Most of the spam is from Russia. So most of the comments never get put up. However, I found this comment awaiting moderation. I’m not approving it due to the email adress and all that, but its pretty funny.     ” Hi, […]

No, the blog is not dead. Its been quite some time since I’ve updated it, and I need to do that. I’ve got a couple of ride reports I need to put up. I’ve been writing them, but still working on the photos. Since my last post, quite a bit has happened. A quick rundown. I […]