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Archive for December, 2009

For breakfast, we again started off with the usual bowl of noodle soup. I’m a bit tired of it. Susan tried to convince #2 to eat a large quantity of noodles quickly, and was really egging the 5 year old on. I cringed at this, since I knew that it would end with the kid […]

Susan didn’t feel well, so I spent most of the day just wandering around a bit. The village was really small, so there wasn’t much to do. We did end up heading out to see a minority dance around 8PM. The real draw of this village is the fact that it is a minority people, […]

We were picked up by a somewhat cramped BMW car. I felt this was a good sign, since the car was modern, so we must be heading to some luxurious bus. In reality, the bus was a fairly standard bus, the usual “half bus” that probably took around 20 people or so, as opposed to […]

We woke up and it was pretty much freezing cold. Much too cold for my tastes.  We found out that there was a mistake regarding our bus to the minority village. The travel company called the bus company twice telling the bus company that there were “ two couples” who wished to go to the […]

To start out the day, we had big bowls of oily noodle soup. Mmmmmmish. I’m personally not a huge fan, as the noodles are basically overcooked spaghetti. And it is pretty oily. Our next stop was for some clothing. Its pretty cold here in Lijiang, and I had enough clothing, barely, just for myself. I […]

Today we left for Lijiang, China. After having a nice western breakfast at the White Swan, we went to the airport. We had some worries though. We were all set to get to Lijiang, but we had no money. My card wasn’t working with the ATMs. If we couldn’t get money, we’d wind up pretty […]

Today we got up rather late. It’s a bit chilly in Guangzhou at the moment, and I didn’t really want to get up. But eventually we headed off to have some “dim sum.” I really miss this dish. Its made up of steamed dishes for the most part, and you can eat for an hour […]

Today I had cheng fen which is a sort of southern Chinese breakfast dish. Its made up of a rice batter which is spread super thin on a sort of baking pan and then steamed. Meat and mushrooms are popular things to put inside. A soy sauce is poured over top, Its really good. Susan […]

I’m back in China, and loving it. The flight over was quick and painless. Even more surprising was how easy it was to clear Chinese Immigration. Perhaps because it was so late. I made it through in no time at all. It was around 10:30PM or so. My beard, and knowledge of a few words […]

I’ve added 4 new galleries.  It took me so long to do this since my hard drive failed, which took weeks and weeks to sort out, and then the computer failed, which took a while to fix, and then I had hundreds, no, more like thousands of photos to sort through. Of course, after I […]

The last couple of days have been rather busy with courses. Yesterday, I completed the Oxygen provider course, which by now is review. I’ve already taken the Rescue Diver course, and the EFR course, so this latest course on oxygen is ok, but generally known. Today was the EFR instructor course. I finished it with […]

Today was the final day of the prep course. The plan was simply to get on the boat and run through an open water instruction scenario. It went pretty badly. Nobody did their briefings prior, so when we did them for Gary, it pretty much sucked for all of us. We suited up and got […]

Today was day two of the prep course. This started off with a presentation we were supposed to prepare the previous day. All of us did relatively well. Then we listened to Gary get up and call us “d**kheads” for an hour or 2 before taking a test and then breaking for lunch. Following that, […]

Today I started the “IDC Prep Course.” This is a 3 day course that takes place prior to the PADI IDC course, or the Instructor Development Course. The prep course basically is a  sample of what we’ll be doing for the PADI course. I can see the benefits however this prep course consists a lot […]

Today I finally got my computer back and its working nicely again. I think I’ll run it less now. In the past, I would run it constantly, moving photos around to various hard drives, or just run out and forget to turn it off. Now, I will try to only run it if there is […]