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Archive for February, 2010

Every day since the New Year the Wu family meets with a different group of family and shares a meal or two. They talk and eat, play cards or mahjong, and watch TV. Each of the meals has gone about the same which is to say that I have a minimal impact on the get […]

The last couple of days have been spent eating with family. Yesterday we headed over to some aunt or uncle’s place to have lunch. The apartment we went to was in a decent building on the third floor. Inside the furnishings were positively luxurious in a Spartan sense. Something I’ve come to realize over the […]

Despite the fact that no one in the city could have possiby gone to sleep before 2am, I was awakened to the sound of fire crackers. It was no use trying to sleep through the continuous racket. Besides, I could make out a drum through the loud reports and Susan said the sound most likely […]

The air was thick with smoke, broken only by the staccato of bursts of firecrackers and thunder of the sky shells. It was definitely midnight. To start the day off I began with a nice breakfast of sticky rice. This is a ball or rice that is wrapped in some sort of leave, and often […]

Today it took me a while to get out of the apartment but when I finally did I headed down to visit Kids 2 where I used to work. When I left there was a large amount of construction in the area but you could see the main street from the school and vice versa. […]

I’m currently sorting through the thousands of photos that were taken over the last month or so and preparing to upload them. It takes a while since first, there are thousands of pictures. After cutting hundreds of photos down to 50-100 worth showing I then go through and edit each photo. Sometimes a marginal photo […]

February 2, 2010 Today was an eye opener of how things are sometimes done the Chinese way. Basically, nothing goes quite according to plan, or even common sense. We started out by making wonton soup. I was put in charge of filling the wontons. It took me a little bit of time to figure out […]