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Archive for April, 2010

The below images were taken on the HTMS Kood (I’ve also seen HTMS Kut). No matter how you spell it, it used to be a WWII Landing ship medium, LMS 338.  The US navy gave it to the Thai navy who sank it a few years ago. All photos were taken wit a D300 in […]

Re: The post about Homberg Apparently, I found out that Homberg did want to go diving, but had never been able to; nothing would fit a man of such size.

Originally written April 12 I thought I would fill you in on what will probably be a very wet week. Normally I put on long pants, my hiking boots, and often a long sleeve shirt to head to work, lest I get sunburn. Plus my hiking boots are really comfortable. Today however, I wore just […]

Today there was no diving. Several interns decided to take advantage of this day off to deal with Thai visa requirements. I wanted to get Susan a re-entry permit.   5 of us piled into a baht bus to head to the next town. We arrived to find a line worthy of any DMV. We also […]

I haven’t written much in a while but I’ve been a bit busy. Often I get sidetracked with so many things I don’t really have time for much blogging. However, I’m putting up some posts in the next few days. I’m also leaving Thailand very soon and will be heading back to China. Apartment searching […]

Today Susan went on the boat as well. She goes every so often if she feels like it and this way she gets a free lunch to boot. We entered the dive shop and sat down on the sofa, being careful not to sit down too hard. Another diver flopped down on the couch and […]