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Archive for May, 2010

The rather long, short version of our departure from Thailand earlier this week certainly affirms my decision to leave early. Basically, a couple of days ago, I asked the shop lady, Da, to send up my dive gear since it is rather heavy. She said she would but the day passed and my gear didn’t […]

During the last couple of months, 2 of my DSLR’s were damaged so I was looking forward to arriving in Guangzhou to get them repaired. We arrived at the service center and I began with my D300. It suffered a hit from a bucket of water and the camera went haywire ever since. Surprisingly, if […]

You may recall the story about John and Ronald the Mcdonald’s clown. Well, another intern, Jono, decided to do some crazy plan in honor of his 100th dive. The plan was for Johno to dress up like Ronald Mcdonald and act like a statue. John would push him off the boat and carry him down […]

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of interns were diving when they came along a chain wrapped around a large concrete block about 18 meters (60 feet) deep. Knowing that if they salvaged the chain, the tank filler Dang could perhaps sell it, Jono whipped out a DSMB. This combination of letters stands for […]

A tale from the other day:   We have an intern John who is the same level I am. He is a really nice guy. About a year ago he was doing his lower level training, and he was out one night, completely pissed. He passed a Mcdonalds and nicked Ronald, the clown statue. Being […]

The mighty D300 did not survive Songkram, but appears to have some sort of glitch. It will need to be serviced upon my return to China.