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Archive for October, 2010

Bath time! A couple of shots of my daughter during her bathtime.

On the pedestrian bridge from yesterday’s post, a two blind musicians play for passing pedestrians.

On pedestrian bridges at night time, vendors come out to hawk their wares to passing people on the way home from work. This toy seller caught the eye of the child, and perhaps the wallet of his father. Nikon N80, Kodak 400TX

Shot this view of Haiyun Bridge last week with my Nikon N80. Fishermen are a common sight along the river. This one is using  a long handled net and patience to land his prizes. Kodak 400TX

Guangzhou is hosting the 16th Asian games next month and over the last few weeks we have seen the preparations and rehersals taking place throughout the city. Police barricades are being piled up along the street so that they can quickly be erected, and  the opening ceremony is practiced daily in the stadium. We can’t […]

Took these the other day using my Nikon F4 film camera, ILFORD Pan 400 black and white film, and Nikon 35mm f2D lens.


Sometimes people see me with my camera and request that I take their photo. I’m not sure why. They never give me their address of anything.  In this case, the guy wanted to be in the picture, but his girlfriend didn’t. While he was trying to convince her to pose infront of the foreign devil’s […]

The BW project has been ongoing for about 1 week now, and some thoughts and a few photos. 1) Film is very expensive. I’ve had to cut back on some shooting. 1 or two shots, not 4 or 5. In the past I might take several shots of a person figuring that they might blink […]

I’ve got a Nikon D70 (my first DSLR, purchased in 2004) and as it is very old, I’ve converted it to shoot near infrared light. This is an image that I recently shot with it.

Mmmmm, meatballs. My wife and I were walking the other week when I spotted this cool blue and yellow door. I immediately thought it would make a cool photo or something. My wife was hungry so she ran off to go get food.  She came back with meatballs. So I took her picture.

Just updated the site with a whole new look. Now there is more of a home page with a seperate blog page. I’m able to add a slide show to the front page as well. My onlycomplaint is that the top and bottoms are cut off a bit on my computer. Perhaps others will work […]

  Another photo from the BW project, where I’ve been shooting black and white film. This shot was taken with Lucky 100, a cheap Chinese brand that seems to have mixed reviews. It certainly has a look compared to the other films I’ve been shooting lately. I tend to prefer a more contrasty film. I’m […]

 A couple of weeks ago I took some pictures of some teachers playing soccer. I’ve never really been to a soccer game to take pictures so of course I just did the safe thing and shot some guys playing soccer, just like the photo above. NOT Actually I took about everything to see what I […]

LIKE many towns in the coutry, Hezhou has some older areas with houses built in the 40’s or older.I wanted to head to one of these areas to take some photos. I didn’t really get much worth showing but we approached the area where my wife used to live way back when. Her apartment was […]

SOME aunt owned an orange farm and we decided to go over there and pick a few. The whole family piled into two vehicles and we set off. Don’t know much about the Chinese orange farm industry, but the aunt apparently hires a hundred or more workers for picking, so I figure there is probably […]

ONE of the things to see near Hezhou is a famous national park but being next to a not so famous town, it doesn’t get the huge publicity that some of the other sites in China get. This isn’t a bad thing I guess. My wife and I decided to travel there and visit this park, […]

HEZHOU is a town similar to Liuzhou. Nothing terribly special, about 2 million people, and a healthy population of tall building cranes. My in laws live in a small country “village” just outside the main city. A few minutes’ walk and you are deep inside farm fields. Since my wife was still tired from our […]

MORNING came to Liuzhou and we set out to look around while we waited for our bus. During these big holiday weeks, transportation can be hard to find so we got the only tickets left. Normally the front row of seats on buses (interestingly enough, the only seats with restraints) is not sold. On the […]

THIS morning my wife was still a bit tired so I kidnapped our daughter and went out for a walk around the lake. I took quite a few photos. Chinese tourists also took quite a few photos. . . of my daughter! She is a crowd stopper. I’m not sure what the big deal is but […]

In the beginning, it was all black and white. And it was good. Or maybe just I think it was good. But I’ve decided to go way back to the “good ol’ days” of yesteryear and shoot an entire month of just black and white film. I’ve got a few reasons which I shall mention […]

GUILIN is one of China’s most famous cities, at least in China. It is very old, and has an abundance of natural and man made beauty. Fortunately not everything was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. The natural beauty is made up by the lakes and rivers, as well as the mountains which are “karst” formations. […]

TWO or three times a year, the Chinese go on a “golden week” when just about everybody goes on holiday. It is a pretty crazy thing. In recent times, the government has tried to break up the week long holidays into smaller blocks of time. The government figures that a the old way of having an […]