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Archive for November, 2010

Heading to Bangkok this week for a few days so that Katherine can reenter China on her American passport. Should be loads of fun, though it has been pretty expensive. Round trip tickets for Susan and I, hotel for 2 nights, plus transportation around. Our plan is to arrive in BKK around midnight tonight, check […]

These photos were all taken during the opening day of the Asian games.      

  To be a foreigner in China is to be stared at.  Sometimes, you stare long enough, and the big foreigner will take your picture. Sometimes, people take my picture. This guy stood there for more than 30 seconds waiting for me to turn around.

I walk past some garbage cans every day on my way to school, and sometimes I notice stuffed animals waiting patiently to head to where ever it is they go in the big truck.  This particular toy was in good condition, which leads one to ponder its history. Was there a breakup? Did some woman […]

Saw this sunrise as I walked with Katherine one morning. Also seen are two of Guangzhou’s newest and tallest buildings. On the right, the Canton Tower (also known as the Guangzhou Tower) and on the left, the Commerce Building. The day was remarkably free from haze this morning due to air quality control restrictions in […]

Haven’t updated things for a while since the other day I had to reinstall Vista. All sorts of corrupted files or something. It is possible there was a virus (despite having anti-virus) or also one site seemed to suggest that using the windows cleaning utility could lead to corrupted files and problems. My exact problem […]

Saw these guys playing on a bridge last week. They are probably some of the best musicians I’ve seen yet.  

A short walk from the metro station took us to the  Zhu temple (Ancestor Temple) we planned to see.  I think the highlight of the tour was seeing the lion dance training school. There were a couple of students practicing and receiving constant pointers from their instructor. We spent a bit of time watching the show.

Left: A giant boot sits waiting for someone to fill it. In the meantime, this oversized footware can be found in an “outdoor” clothing store. Shot with my Nikon F4 using Ilford Pan 400 film, pushed 2 stops. I developed this for 14 minutes in Kodak D:76 full strength, but next time I”ll be using […]

Katherine and I Kodak 100 Tmax, shot with Nikon N80, developed with Kodak D-76 1:1, agitated 10 seconds every 30 seconds, for 9.5 minutes

  The week before Halloween we invited a couple of friends over to carve pumpkins. Virtually nobody in China has done this before, so we thought it would be fun.  Our pumpkins left a bit to be desired. They were quite small, extremely hard and thus nearly impossible to scrape out, and even cutting into […]

One of my coworkers dressed as a pirate for our Halloween Party.

This is the newly completed Canton Tower. They’ve been building it for 2 or 3 years now. To go up to the top will cost you more than $20 US, so I shot from the ground.

  My wife took this last week on a walk through the university. There are places on the Sun Yat-sen campus that are like an enchanted world, such as this one, with thick trees and even run down houses. Taken with a Nikon F4 on Ilford Pan 400.