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Archive for December, 2010

It is taking a while to get through Kaiping’s posts and photos, so I thought I’d post something else. How about another  movie review.  

Got back from Kaiping on Wednesday, and back into the grind of the day to day life of an English Teacher.  New changes in schedules and utility are coming and thus it will require more time spent at the ol’ office. Last night we had an EF Christmas party for some of the students. I […]

Just wanted to post a few quick shots of Thanksgiving. Made stuffing “just like mama used to make” and Susan made an apple crumble dish. They were both big hits.  

About to run out the door, but I’m heading out on a 2-3 day adventure to see some more of China. Will post more upon my return!

Took a shot of this skateboarder doing a trick on his board. Plan to follow up and check out the Chinese skateboarding scene in the future.

Didn’t actually make it to Thailand. China required Susan to have a visa before they would let her out, even though they knew she could get one on arrival in Thailand. Totally sucked. Oh well. Hopefully won’t make that mistake again. . . ever. Haven’t written in a while since I’ve been busy. But here […]