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Archive for January, 2011

I haven’t posted a long time here due to a number of factors: A) I started playing a lot of video games in December/January and that really cut into my free time. But recently I decided that while fun, I don’t have much to show for the hours and hours of video games I played. […]

There were quite a few that I liked from Day 3, so I thought I’d post a few more before I close this chapter of our China Adenture.

ON WEDNESDAY, we decided to see more of these watchtowers, even if it meant. . . joining a tour! Thankfully this was not necessary as Susan was able to figure out which buses went to where we wanted to go which today was Ma Jianglong village and Zili Village. We boarded bus no 13 which […]

TUESDAY’S hours slipped by as we prepared to depart our hotel and head over to Chikkan but we got out and headed over to the post office to mail off the post cards we wrote to friends and family. After that, we boarded a bus for Chikkan.

TWO weeks ago, I decided that I wasn’t seeing and doing enough in China. Life was becoming a bit “normal.” The new plan was to take advantage of the many opportunities to experience more of China, or at least get out of the house on the weekend I compiled a to do list of things […]

Once in a while I go to the public squares and watch the dancing that goes on at night. On this particular night, I stopped a few minutes to watch the belly dancers. They were in the darkest corner of the square, and these ladies were spinning quite quickly, but  I did get a photo.