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Archive for May, 2011

We woke up, had breakfast, then headed over to the park. The signs on the way in said the parking lot was full at 10AM so I initially parked just outside the park, then walked in. We missed the visitor center and nearly walked off into the canyon before I turned around and then realized […]

We got up and cooked some breakfast then packed everything up for our tour of the dam which was a few miles down the road. The dam tour was very affordable, I think just 5 dollars each.  Of course, now dams are secure facilities, so just about nothing could be brought in. Cameras were OK, […]

Today was mainly a driving day. The plan was to leave Mesa Verde, then head to Vegas. However, we needed to wait a few days to allow the weekend rates to drop down to their lowest rates. So we would need to wander the desert for 40 years. . . 2 or 3 days. We […]

Katherine didn’t sleep so well, perhaps due to sleeping most of the previous day. Plus, it was freezing cold this morning! It took quite a while for us to get moving, but eventually we headed up to see the cliff dwellings. We saw the visitors center, bought a ticket for the Cliff Pallace tour, then […]

We awoke to falling snow coming down quite fast and hard. I was very happy that we had cleaned up the camp the previous night so that we didn’t have to spend one more moment packing. We through everything into our car and took off.

Left on our road trip today heading to Florida with stops in between.  . . and not in between.  The original plan was  to leave at 9AM or so and then see Leadville and some ghost towns before heading down past Buena Vista.  But some last minute business came up and then the plan was […]

Nearly got stuck today in a graveyard. Managed to power up the hill anyway and got this cool shot, taken by Susan.