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Archive for July, 2011

After many days, we departed Vero Beach and headed to Savannah, GA. I figured we’d leave about 10AM, but as usual, we left at least an hour later than planned, then didn’t seem to make great time as we headed north. We did arrive in St. Augustine, FL to tour the Spanish forts there. We first […]

After Key West, we drove up to Vero Beach where my grandparents live. We had a pretty good time for the next few days visting with them, listening to stories, and showing off Katherine. Katherine also seemed to have a great time running around pushing a baby walker around. We thought that she might start […]

Upon returning to our campsite the previous night, we indeed discovered that the iguanas had eaten all of our broccolli, but hadn’t touched the green bell peppers or cucumbers. I figured they either couldn’t eat them due to the size, or didn’t like them.  At breakfast, the iguanas wer back, and it wasn’t long before […]

Today we encountered a bunch of iguanas in our campsite. We did toss them a couple of noodles while eating breakfast, but we were concerned they were carnivorous so we chased them away when they got too close. But they just sat there lurking and waiting. We put all our vegetables under the rain fly […]

After departing Homestead, we drove to Key West which was a nice little drive. It was two lane much of the way, with no where to pass. I’d probably be frustrated, but on this trip I stick to the speed limit to avoid a costly ticket which would equal that of 2 or 3 days […]

The mosquitos were really bad at Fort Myers, and even in the morning, I was eaten alive. The KOA appeared to primarily be a site for long term RV campers. Many appeared to be really tied down to the location. Tents and perhaps the KOA franchise appeared to be an afterthought. There was no shade […]

Day 11 was a travel day and we headed South along the coast towards Key West. Mostly we just proceeded slowly along the “scenic” roads, hitting one red light after another. We did however go somewhat out of our way to see Florida’s Fort Desoto park. However the fort was closed for renovation! We ate […]

For Monday, we booked a canoe rental with Rainbow Springs Canoe and Kayaks. This was one of the things I was most looking forward to on my trip as I once had a great canoe trip in Florida, and hope to do a long canoe trip in the future.  We arrived an hour later due to […]

After Gulf Shores, we continued East and then turned South towards Dunellon, Florida. Our destination was a state park and the plan was to canoe down the Rainbow river. We drove most of the day before finally arriving. Just a single photo of our campsite.

We packed up our camp then headed back to New Orleans to try to get in a Jazz Concert (went to wrong place) and of course started by parking in the wrong place again! The problem is that on my map, the French Quarter appears similar to some other area of NOLA, and when I […]

Today was the end of the first full week on the road, but in many ways, our trip had hardly begun! We now headed back into New Orleans and got off into a bind when I parked on the wrong side of the French Quarter, and thinking we were east of the area, we headed […]

We started off to go see the great city of New Orleans, but tired campers and oppressive heat conspired to make us turn around and go back to our campsite and spend the day around the pool instead. We took a few photos, but I think they might have been wiped by mistake. One shot […]

On Tuesday, we departed Lafayette and continued towards New Orleans. We generally try to stick to the scenic backroads and such. Along the way we saw signs for “Avery Island,” which is the home of the Tabasco sauce factory! We decided to follow the signs and check it out.

On Tuesday we had breakfast then headed down the road towards Houston to meet up with some of Susan’s friends. Originally we’d planned on meeting some other friends and staying a couple of nights in the Houston area, but this was not to be. The friends we did meet were very nice and we had […]