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Archive for August, 2011

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of firewod cutting with my brother and his eclectic crew. We use Stihl chainsaws, my brother’s aging F250 crew cab, and for commercial work, a fairly underpowered log splitter. In many ways we are hampered by a lack of equipment. Other operations have Bobcats with claw attachments, we do […]

We spent the night in Salina and the next morning fired up Mighty Merc for what would be the last day of our trip. It took us just hours to travel a distance what would take the pioneers months to cover. Indeed,  the speed of the automobile vs earlier explorers and pioneers was noted on […]

On Saturday, we drove a bit and arrived at the Gateway Arch. I’d seen it quite some time ago, but thought it was still worth a visit. Unfortunately, we ended up waiting a really long time to get tickets to see the top. We did manage to see a movie about how they made the […]

On Friday we headed up to a small place south of St. Louis where Susan had another contact. We arrived after a good bit of driving but were able to do some washing and the like before bedtime. Just one photo from the day, a shot of Katherine in her carseat, and appearing quite happy. […]

Today we left Savannah for a place near Macon Georgia to visit one of Susan’s friends, a minister who has adopted a few children from China. It wasn’t far, so we did get to see his church and spend the night with them.  

Back on the blog after a bit of an absence, figured I’d once again start posting updates of our trip, which of course is now over. Sorted through the rest of the photos, and will try to finish things up. For this segment of our trip, we spent about 4 days in Savannah checking out […]