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Archive for February, 2013

As promised, some information on the Hitia 17. First, I’d like to that some additional study has yielded much improved clarity to the process. It seems less complicated, at least the first couple of pages.   Now, for some links. The first of course is to the actual designer’s site. There are a number of […]

Well, since I’ll be living here for a while, and I have a pretty nice workshop to use, I decided to take advantage of my current situation to start a project that I’ve dreamed about for years. A few years ago I discovered  the designer James Wharram who offers plans to make catamarans ranging from […]

A small teaser about one of the primary topics that will be written about over the next few months, and possibly even years. In a couple of months I’ll begin a project that has roots going back 15 years or more. This initial undertaking will be a trial and if successful (and enjoyed) may lead […]

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago now, I built some outriggers for my canoe to add some family friendly stability. It wasn’t until today though that I was able to test them out.  I really had three questions: Would they work at all, or would the things break apart? Would they be too […]

It has been a week since I’ve finished the canoe outriggers, but it has also been freezing cold. The temperatures have been in the teens  with snow. Since it was too cold to use the canoe, I decided to use the motorcycle instead!