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Archive for March, 2013

For a while I’ve had this idea to use a large pile of scrap sitting in the backyard for something, I just wasn’t sure what.  Last couple of weeks I was thinking about a play house. Today the weather suddenly turned warm and sunny (as in it was raining and cold, the rain stopped and […]

Well, this past week was a fairly slow week for build progress due to not having materials. About all I could do was continue to coat the bulkheads and other internal parts in epoxy. However, with new funds and new tools, the build jumped forward. In fact, I feel that I’ll start stitching by mid […]

Today I got a chance to work on the Hitia 17 some more. It was mainly just a few hours of sanding and double checking to see if everything was ready to try coating with epoxy this weekend. The problem is that the temperatures are going to be fairly cool and I”m not sure if […]

This actually took place on March 9th, but I just didn’t get around to posting it until tonight. The weather forcast looked good that week, so I made plans to have a guy do the shuttle dance with me to enable me and the family to head down for a canoe trip. The shuttle was […]

Didn’t really do much during the week but did get a bit done this Friday and Saturday. I drew out the stern and stem posts as well as the rudders from the 1/2″ plywood.  I’m going to do some more sanding this weekend to make sure all of the parts are smoothed out and ready […]

Last week I ordered the epoxy resin, hardener, and “handling items” such as the pumps and brushes for the initial epoxy steps of the Hitia 17.  Today I received everything but the hardener. I’m wondering if the hardener was in a separate box under a different tracking number, but I’ll just have to wait and […]

No photos this post but a short update on the progress of the Hitia 17.  We spent about 6 hours this past week on the boat cutting plywood and have nearly finished cutting up the 1/4 inch sheets. All that remains is the aft deck and then we can cut up the single sheet of […]

This weekend, we started to build the Hitia 17. On Friday we discovered the only place nearby that sold decent exterior grade plywood was in Nashville, so we drove down there as the snow fell. We arrived at “Nashville Plywood” about 15 minutes before closing and got all the plywood needed for the project, plus […]