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Archive for April, 2013

This weekend saw a lot of progress on the Hitia 17.  No longer is it a jumble of plywood parts on the garage floor. It looks like a boat. This weekend I glued the sheer stringers and keel pieces together to make them long enough, glued them to the hull panels, then started the drilling […]

Just a quick post from an iPod so no photos or anything too long. I’ll probably write another post this weekend anyway.  It has been raining a lot this weekend so no cottage work. I finished the hull sides tonight  and in 12 hours or so I’ll start drilling the wire holes and lining up […]

I’ve been pushing as much as I can on the little playhouse so each weekend and on occasional weeknights I make progress on it. I haven’t done much on the boat in the last couple of weeks though. As of tonight, I’ve finally started on the floor. I fit the boards inside the house and […]