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Archive for May, 2013

This Saturday I got a late start on the boat due to needing to go into work, but Susan helped a bit so it wasn’t a huge hit. She worked on the hulls a bit sanding the insides  to prepare them for the decks.  Meanwhile, I built a second hull cradle out of scrap wood […]

Quick update on the Hitia 17 build: On Saturday I started the cross beams by cutting out the plywood for the “webbing”, the butt blocks and the compression blocks. I glued it all together and used a pnuematic finishing nailer to nail the pieces together. I continued the beams on Sunday by glueing on the […]

Didn’t do anything this week, but yesterday I worked a good bit on the boat. I wired in the rest of the bulkheads, glued in the diagonal hull stiffeners, and did the epoxy fillets for the keel and bulkheads. Finally, I also built a new hull cradle, this one with wheels so that I can […]