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THIS morning my wife was still a bit tired so I kidnapped our daughter and went out for a walk around the lake. I took quite a few photos. Chinese tourists also took quite a few photos. . . of my daughter! She is a crowd stopper. I’m not sure what the big deal is but it is so prevalent one family member nick named her “Famous Landmark”.

Which way to go?

A field of red

A field of Red

Shooting the Famous Landmark.


Afterwards, we met up with one of Susan’s friends and then went for a walk to go meet someone. Luckily we weren’t in too much of a hurry since I ended up stopping constantly to take photos. At one point, we came across some sales guy offering a free cell phone or something. Every few minutes he’d lean forward as if to offer the prize and everyone would crush forward and their hands would shoot up! Then he’d back away, always dangling the prize just out of reach. The crowd would gradually put their hands down until the next time he held up the coveted object.

Some sort of salesman

Some famous, long dead poet


At another point, we came across a pot mender. I was quite amazed to see this guy. Nobody fixes pots in the USA. The guy was on a bike and went past different restaurants to see if they had any old pots. When he found one, he cut out the bottom and then put a new bottom on. Unfortunately, he seemed to grow tired of the foreigner watching him, so I left a bit early. I thought the process was really cool and it reminded me of days long past in the rest of the world.

A pot mender


On the train

We said goodbye to the friend and then went to the train station to take the train to Liuzhou. I really can’t say too much about Liuzhou as we went there to visit some friends. It seems like many other small cities. Huge changes and construction. The entire central “square” must have just been finished and there was still much construction going on. I can’t remember the exact statistic, but I read once that a huge majority of all tall building cranes are in China. Perhaps near 75%? You can see these everywhere in China it seems. There are two in the photo below.

View of Liuzhou city.


More to come


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