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Liuzhou, Day 2

MORNING came to Liuzhou and we set out to look around while we waited for our bus. During these big holiday weeks, transportation can be hard to find so we got the only tickets left. Normally the front row of seats on buses (interestingly enough, the only seats with restraints) is not sold. On the right side, this is because there is usually a bed for the co-driver. On the left, I guess the driver doesn’t want people to see that none of his gauges work, except for the speedometer, which is pegged at 80 on a blind corner, passing a truck, at night, with oncoming death rounding the corner and coming right as us.

Note the tattooed eyebrows. A true gangsta. So I whipped out my 700 and put some photons on the sensor!

We started with some noodles for breakfast. This is actually a very common breakfast in China. Noodles form the base with some soup, and then extras such as pickled beans, some meat, peanuts, or tofu bits added as well. It is usually very cheap, costing around 50 cents at times.

Noodle street

Then we went to the park. My of the traditional stuff happens in parks so if you ever do visit China, try to spend at least part of a day in the park. There you can see people dancing, singing and doing all sorts of traditional kung fu and tai chi.  You can see the slappers, clappers, shakers, backward’s walkers, squatters, swingers and other exercisers as well.

This guy was involved in some sort of exercise. A "swinger".

Cards in the park.

We rented a boat to drift about in the lake with. While pedal and electric boats were available, we picked a row boat, partly as it was cheaper, and of course, more head room. The downside is that it came with no oarlocks. The lake was quite pretty and since we didn’t have a roof we could go under the lower bridges and really explore the place.

Another view of the lake (taken by my wife.)

Your friendly gondolier (taken by my wife)


Another thing I did at that was check out a “haunted house.” I usually go inside but they are almost uniformly disappointing. Blasting screams,  a few animatronics shaking and ratting their cages and maybe the floor rattles as well.  This one was the best I’ve ever been in. Parts of the house were completely dark so I had to grope and feel my way along in the darkness. Then stuff would come flying out at me from all directions. The icing on the cake was towards the end when something came down from the ceiling and grabbed my neck. Very well done, better than some big chain brand haunted houses.

One of the creepy denizens of the dark


We headed to the bus stationfor the 4 hour bus ride and then travelled to Hezhou where we met up with the inlaws.

"Everone is invited." You keep wearing that shirt. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Mi Familia


More to come


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