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Hezhou’s National Park

ONE of the things to see near Hezhou is a famous national park but being next to a not so famous town, it doesn’t get the huge publicity that some of the other sites in China get. This isn’t a bad thing I guess. My wife and I decided to travel there and visit this park, since there were waterfalls and pretty forests.

Wife at the park

We arranged a taxi the previous night, but the driver was not on the day shift, so she called up her brother in law or someone. Confucius say, “Man who drive like hell, bound to get there!” This guy was in a big hurry, drove like crap and did the usual blind corner passing. However, one feels a bit more safe in a bus than in a car. We continually asked the driver to stop passing, and he would refrain from doing so, until he came upon the next vehicle going slower than he wanted to. Despite his crazy driving and jarring “shortcut” through some small village, we did arrive at the park safe and sound.

Driving down the bumpy short cut.

We set out along the paved forest path until we spotted some small falls.  My brand new 14-24 was of course immediately set just inches above the rushing water. I’m not thrilled with what I got, but my tripod isn’t like some of the ones out there. My camera was upside down on the inverted center column. Splashing water was starting to pool up inside the hood. And the water looked deep. So I decided to leave the truly stunning waterfall shots to someone else.

My camera was just inches above the water.

Later we came to  another waterfall. The rocks were extremely slippery, but I managed to get a shot or two of the Mrs.

The rocks were very slippery

Found this tasty snack along the path (Photo taken by wife)

The parks largest waterfall was further along. One of the things Chinese people like to do is to pose with the foreigner. I’m in countless photos. Tour groups, families and individuals all have approached me. (Side note: sometimes I do approach others first. I once spied a huge group of Canon shooters on a club outing posing for the self timer. I ran up behind the group, made a stupid face and held up a couple of Nikon’s like some bandito wielding AK’s. I ran away before they could check to see how the photo turned out.) Here was some father and son duo and the son wanted to pose with me. It is a bit bizarre but what the heck.

Father/son grabbed my photo. (Taken by my wife)

A shot of me and the wife.  Gotta say, the interval timer on the 700 is great!

Water and people fall

We met our driver again but apparently some sort of accident occurred after he came up the road. A bus and a car tried to defy the laws of physics. I’m really not sure what the deal was, but the traffic was shut down for at least 40 minutes and the accident vehicles still weren’t moved. 

At the site of the accident.

Our somewhat crazy driver

We headed back to the in laws house for dinner.

Chinese family dinner

More to come. ..


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