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The last day

LIKE many towns in the coutry, Hezhou has some older areas with houses built in the 40’s or older.I wanted to head to one of these areas to take some photos. I didn’t really get much worth showing but we approached the area where my wife used to live way back when. Her apartment was built in the 70’s and it was at one time built for really important party guys. My wife says that when her family moved in, it was already an “antique.” I would have liked to wander around on my own a bit more, but I had to keep up with the family. Wasn’t able to really work anything to my liking.
TheĀ  interesting thing is that much the area is being torn down. I hope that in the future I can go back, as there was a cool bomb shelter. I plan to bring a flashlight and and some flashes next time.

However, we ran into some old friends of the family which made for some good shots.

Old and new greet each other

The Chinese work horse

Overall National Week was a lot of fun.


Total shots Appx 3,200*
Most used lens Nikon 24-70 2.8, mounted on D700

Shots used on the blog
Appx. 65

*Note: I shot a few rolls of film with my Nikon N80 but these have not yet been developed yet.


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