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The BW Project Update 1

The BW project has been ongoing for about 1 week now, and some thoughts and a few photos.

1) Film is very expensive. I’ve had to cut back on some shooting. 1 or two shots, not 4 or 5. In the past I might take several shots of a person figuring that they might blink or move, but that wastes film. Try for the shot, then move on. Or go to a new angle and shoot from there. The other thing is, I know that if I’ve got a shot of a given subject, don’t shoot them again now.

2) Film to me has a definate look to it that I find digital doesn’t quite capture. Mainly with BW it is the grain.

3) I’ve had a lot of fun shooting with my F4. Sweet camera.

4) It takes a long time to develop the film and then get it scanned.

Is digital better than film? Yes without a doubt. But film is a lot of fun.

Anyway, a few shots so far.

One of the teachers at EF


Another shot of my daughter


My daughter during her bath


Making a call

The newly renovated path welcomes walkers. This was shot with ILFORD Pan 400. There was a one stop push on it. The shot was hand held, at about 1/15th of a second.

Expect to see some more shots in about a week.


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