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Nikon D70s

Nikon D70s

Following the D70, the D70s is virtually identical. There are some differences, but none that I care about.

I bought the D70s as I needed a camera to serve as a second body and I was using my D70 as an IR camera. Once I got the D700, the 300 became the second body, and the 70s was put on the shelf. Also, the D70 and 70s are quite old. Parts and service will probably be hard to come by in the future. I’m keeping both cameras around figuring that I can keep whichever lasts the longest in service as my IR camera. And the D70S is used as a second body when eitherĀ of my two daily drivers is in for service.

The sensor of the D70 is noticably different than the 300. Images lack the dynamic range of later cameras. However, ISO does compare similarly to even the D60.

The biggest benefit of the D70 is that the flash sync speed is very high, so you can theoretically shoot at a sync speed of 1/8000th of a second. This could be very useful for shooting into the sun.


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