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Nikon D60

Nikon D60

This is my wife’s camera. I bought it for her in 2009. I use it occasionally, but I do not particularly enjoy this camera. Coming from any other DSLR, I  find it has some issues that make it very annoying.  First, it will not shoot unless the focus is locked, even if it is in continuous AF. All of the other DSLRs that I have will shoot with or without the image being in focus in Continuous AF. With this camera, you must use the AF lock button, or switch to manual focus. With some AF-S lenses made by Nikon, you can switch to manual focus override by turning the focus ring. These lenses are very beneficial. The AF performance of the D60 is ok, but not great, so in the dark, I find shooting with the D60 to be very frustrating.

Another annoying thing is that there is no screwdrive AF motor in the camera. With older lenses without built in focusing motors, you will only have manual focus.

ISO performance seems well below the D300, and actually, it seems similar to the D70/D70s. The D60 will shoot at ISO3200, but it is pretty noisy.

Only one command dial, so in full manual  mode, you must push a button down when you want to change the aperture.

It seems to confuse people who are used to point and shoots. I find that many can not figure out how to focus and shoot with this camera, possibly due to the AF performance, and of course, nobody knows how to look through the viewfinder now a days.

With no screwdrive, I think many smaller lighter lenses can’t be used with AF. I’d probably add a focusing screen, and shoot with a 20mm 2.8 manual lens if I was going to spend a lot of time with this camera.  Since many of the AF-S lenses are quite large and heavy, you might as well get a D90 or similar camera, or even pick up a used D70. Then at least you’ve got the AF screw drive motor.


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