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Nikon Sb-600 Speedlight

3 Nikon Sb-600's

My SB-600’s have been used quite  a bit. I used to have 4, but then I clumsily stepped on one (I think my original). One was bought new around 2005 or 6 I think. The rest were purchased on Ebay. As a result, they are a somewhat broken bunch. One of them had the flash difuser broken off, another doesn’t require me to push the button to turn the head, which is actually a really good thing.  I think these are great flash units and hope to acquire a few more if I can for a good price.

Nikon’s CLS (Creative Lighting Sysemt) means that you can control the ouput of these units from the back of the SB-700, 800 and 900, as well as from select cameras’ built in flash. You just have to pay a lot of money to get this ability vs using cheap Chinese manual flashes.


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