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Nikon 18-200

Nikon 18-200

Got this for my wife to use on her D60. It has a a full time manual focus override and VR, so it seemed like a good lens for the D60.

However, compared to my other lenses. . . .
The focus ring of this lens is actually in the back. While it does seem pretty clever, it is very different than every other lens out there, so more than once my wife has grabbed it with or instead of the zoom and taken an out of focus picture.

F5.6 is very slow so this lens actually does very poorly much of the time compared to my 2.8’s and faster lenses.  I know that many people highly value this lens as a one size does all walk around lens, but I prefer my 24-70 or even the 35mm over this lens. My wife does too.


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