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Sigma 30 1.4

Sigma 30 1.4

One of my wife’s favorite lenses. I purchased this for myself in 2008 to use on my D300 and D70. However, it suffered from terrible back focusing on the 300 and would just twitch on the D70. It took a long time to lock focus. One guy claimed that sigma told him it wouldn’t work very well on the D70.  I couldn’t return the lens,  so I got the Nikon 35 f2D and gave this to my wife since it works very well on the D60 apparently.

On the plus side, it is very well built. My wife dropped her camera and the lens from waist height. The hood was broken on the concrete floor, but the lens survived and seem to work pretty well.

On the negative side, Sigma’s AF-S lenses do not have full time manual override on Nikon cameras, so on the D60 you can’t override the focus unless it has already locked on.

I strongly recommend Nikon lenses with Nikon cameras.


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