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Preparing for Japan

I’ve still been steadily cleaning up the apartment, and preparing to leave China.  I feel a bit sad to be leaving everyone behind, as well as the cushy lifestyle of a foreign English teacher. I’ve nearly packed everything up though. I think I’ll be ready soon.

For useful information, I managed to acquire my JR pass. Apparently, you can’t buy one at the JAL (Japan Airlines) offices unless you actually buy an airline ticket from them. So I instead went to another travel agency, JTB which was located near citic plaza in Guangzhou. I don’t know their address, but I do know the number. 020-3810-3181. I’d highly recommend them. They were friendly and spoke excellent English. I was in and out in no time.

I also went over to the Nikon center to have my camera cleaned and “tuned.” I don’t think they get requests to do that sort of thing very often, as it took a while to get the woman to understand what I wanted.

My packing is a bit questionable at the moment. I’ve got a couple of problems. First, I can’t mail my 24 inch terracotta warrior in China. Its rather large and heavy. So the plan is to mail it in Japan. I hope to find a post office when I get to Japan.

The other problem is clothing and my camera equipment. Since I’m not sure about the security of the hostels, I want to be able to take everything valuable with me.  Hence my heavy camera pack. As for clothing I’ve decided to just carry enough clothing to last me for about 3 weeks. I don’t want to wash it much, and instead, I’ll just leave clothing behind as its worn.  My camera backpack is the Lowepro Nature Trekker II. I hate camera backpacks. It is a pain to change lenses. I’d like to dump it as soon as possible, but with my laptop and tripod, I can’t think of anything better. 

It came with an extra “day pack” that can be fastened to  the back off the photo pack. In addition to doubling the weight of my pack, it also puts the weight even further away from my body. I’ve filled up the pack, and clothing has spilled over to a small duffel bag that contains my terracotta warrior. I’ve also got a jacket which alone would fill up the day pack. I hope that I’ll need my jacket, and perhaps sweater too for at least a week. Otherwise I’ll not have enough room for everything else.

Place your bets to see if I follow this system through. It may be possible that I jettison nearly everything immediately in Tokyo and instead just plan on washing things over and over again.

One final thing was getting a hostel for my entry and exit from Japan. I’ll be staying for two nights in and two nights out. Otherwise, I can’t make up my mind about what to do. I hope to just look at schedules and go when I get there.


So still to do is some additional clearing of my apartment, and a complete cleaning of my apartment. I might hire it done.

I need to pick up my camera tomorrow or Monday, and mail off my camera bag and my photo book. After that, I hope to remain ready to go.


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