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My bag is heavy

As mentioned previously, I plan to carry my camera gear and computer
with me where ever I go. Today was the first time I included
everything in the pack. I’ve run into a couple of problems.

First, the computer barely fits in the bag. Its also really heavy.
Basically, I’ve added another 7 pounds, maybe more (when you add the
charger) to my bag. The computer also sits pretty far away from me.
Even worse, since the photos I have won’t fit on the computer’s hard
drive, I use two external hard drives, which require additional space.

Second, fully loaded, I can’t lift the pack up and put it on my back.
I’m worried that if I sling it around too much, I’ll tear the straps
right off.

I hope to be able to safely leave my laptop behind though. We’ll see.

In other news, I’ve reached the point that I no longer need to do any
more laundry in China. From here on out, I’ll be tossing clothing that
I wear and no longer need.

I’m not being all that wasteful actually. First, most of the clothing
is pretty worn out. What is good (like socks) would be very cheap to

8 days left till I blast off.


One Response to “My bag is heavy”

  1. Chenxi says:

    See if you could ask hotel front desk to help you keep your laptop and chargers in their safe when you out for sight seeing. That’s what we do in China.You might (Or might not)need to pay some extra money but will be much easier for you to walk around. Good luck!