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Foshan: We see the temple

The Lion Dancer

A short walk from the metro station took us to the  Zhu temple (Ancestor Temple) we planned to see.  I think the highlight of the tour was seeing the lion dance training school. There were a couple of students practicing and receiving constant pointers from their instructor. We spent a bit of time watching the show.

This is how you do it.

Students and master

This is a famous training school I believe, and there are probably not too many left. In the past Lion Dances were used, along with fire crackers, to chase away evil spirits. I’m sure back in the day there were many lion dance training schools. Now however, I think lion dances are mainly a PR stunt for new business openings. Certainly can’t hurt things to have a team show up and “drum up” some business.

Posing with the lion dance heads

Another well known fact of this temple is that it is associated with a one Huang Fei Huong, a famous kung fu master. There are several famous movies using him as a character , (played by Jet Li) and in these movies, Huang is portrayed as a wise man with amazing abilities, such as the time that he disarmed hundreds of swordsmen using nothing more than his jacket. I’m sure there was some artistic license taken during the making of the movies, but there is a memorial hall at the temple. Naturally, I picked up one of the lesser known kung fu weapons and did some moves for the camera.

Kung Fu Cleaner

Ahem, moving along, we headed into the main worship hall. I did take a couple of photos of something temple looking.

Two statues

Inside the Temple

The wall

Again, the tourists wanted a photo with the white guy.

They wanted a photo with me so I gave them a good show.

For a final photo, I forced to decide: serious or silly. I went with serious.

My Slim Picken's routine


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