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A word about Photos

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post lots of photos. It might not be
until after the trip. The problem is that my primary cameras are a
bit of a hassle to transfer photos to my computer. And then once I’ve
got them on, I really need to run them through my photo editing
software as the photos, straight out of the camera, need a little
work. They always do, or they don’t look so good. And then, I must
upload them, and that takes a long time too. Ideally, I’d do photo
editing on the trains as I’ve got lots of time, but my battery won’t
charge (charger is probably broken) and thus, once the battery is
completely dead, It can’t be charged again. I think its a good idea to
save whatever power is left on the battery for a true emergency. I’m
using a note book to write out notes during the day, but even then, it
might be days before I upload so much writing again. The photos in the
last post are from my Olympus camera, as it has a memory card which
fits the computer’s built in card reader slot.

And finally, slight change. I’m going to Kyoto first, as I don’t want
to end up in Nagoya during the weekend. Tomorrow, I’ll try to track
down whatever I need to make a phone call to the US. Its a bit of a
pain, to be sure.


One Response to “A word about Photos”

  1. Chenxi says:

    Very interesting!

    Just curious, what’s Coca Cola soup taste like?