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Tuesday, Day 2

TUESDAY morning was the model for all mornings that would follow. The day started around 9-10AM when breakfast was served. I pretty much skipped the Chinese food and went straight for the banana bread that we brought along with us.


After that Uncle Buick took us to town. Back to Walmart actually. Pretty boring. We walked around a bit and did buy Katherine a dress after seeing them which turned out to be nice. One thing I went around looking for was something to improve our stroller a bit. Our stroller is fairly light for a “heavy-weight” stroller weighing in at 22 pounds but the handles don’t really work so well for carrying the stroller any distance. Uncle Buick lived on the 5th floor of a building without any elevator, so I decided to rig up a carrying strap. Walmart had some heavy cord that served to make an attachment loop. Now I can just clip my camera strap to the stroller and sling it over my shoulder.

This sign makes no sense.

We left Walmart and got some noodles in a food street. After that we went for a short walk around the river that runs through Nanning. Apparently, you can see parts of the old city walls there. Nanning has a very different feel than Guangzhou. Apparently, the city was nearly out of money a few years ago when they started hosting the China ASEAN expo. Money flowed into the city. But the layout is a bit odd. Along the river it looked very run down while in other areas there were new apartment complexes. Nanning seems to have a lot of sprawl as if they are building in new areas rather than redoing the older areas.  

Rubble piles up as buildings are torn down.

A man sleeps amongst the rubble.

We returned home for a hotpot dinner with the family which was ok. Susan and I went for a walk for a bit. There were a few bursts from fireworks in the area but the nobody was lighting off the big guns yet. Better to save them for New Year’s Eve!

A fallen sign for a former outdoor bar.

This used to be a bar street, but it was shut down and has since fallen into urban decay.

One of the many fireworks tents.

Uncle Buick's dining room at dinner time.


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