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Wednesday, Day 3

DAY 3 started about 8AM for us, but some were up much earlier. This was New Year’s Eve, so Uncle Buick’s mother was up killing chickens and washing clothes by hand despite the washing machine that was sitting there. Since it is a custom to take a shower on this day so that one is clean for the new year we gave Katherine a bath and put her in the new red dress we bought at Walmart. Then we went to the market.

Katherine with her new hairstyle and dress.

Left: Susan and Katherine. Right: Katherine gets her bath.


The local market was pretty busy but one of the first things I noticed were the various items intended to bring good luck in the new year. One of these things is a type of fake money designed to be burned as an offering to ancestors who will help in the new year. Some of this money is just brown paper but the more modern variation looks similar to real money, except it says “Bank of Hell” on it. We spent a good bit of time in the markets before heading home.

Left: An uncle with Katherine Right: A minority woman in costume sells jewelry.

Fruit at the market

A fish monger

Not much to do until dinner except light off some firecrackers which were at one time (and probably still today) thought to scare away ghosts. We lit ours off around 3PM and as the afternoon wore on, so did everyone else. From 5PM onwards there were fireworks going off all over the place. We finished dinner and then Susan and I went for a walk. We picked up some big “poppers” which you just had to throw onto the ground to make a bang. I also discovered they made a very loud bang when you stepped on them.

Uncle Buick's fire crackers.


We walked to one of the many fireworks tents all over the area and bought some sparklers, M-80’s, and random stuff. On the walk back we lit off the M-80’s. I had a close call when a piece of one just barely touched my hair, almost setting it on fire.  We went back to the apartment and then fell asleep. . .

Susan buys fireworks.

Left: jumping on the poppers. Right: Fireworks over Nanning around 8PM.


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