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Wednesday/Thursday, Midnight

AT MIDNIGHT, a gazillion lighters lit a bazillion fuses, and countless shells were hurled into the sky. With a hunk of magnesium alloy in each hand, I ran up to the roof to view the fireworks. The show went on for over 30 minutes with the “mortars” flying everywhere and firecrackers banging away. Thankfully I had ear plugs as the occupants one building over really went all out with their firecracker budget. The roll they had must have been several wheels tied together. Must have been thousands of firecrackers.

A huge number of air burst shells went were sent up during a 30 minute period at midnight.

I stayed up for a while taking photos and watching the smoke fill pour into the sky. Then I went down to find Uncle Buick and family enjoying a midnight dinner of leftovers. I went back to bed.

In the stairwell, an offering to ancestors could be found in front of one apartment.

Midnight dinner.


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