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On Friday we headed for a nice park, similar to Guangzhou’s Baiyun Park. This park was big and was on a mountain. At first I wasn’t feeling the park. But we walked a bit and came to an open space where we had a picnic of swiss rolls and crackers.  Susan and I walked over to some snack vendors and got some meat skewers from the “techno cowboys” who were dancing away behind their meat. We also got some pickled fruits.

Susan in the Park.

My inlaws walk in the park.

This guy danced more than he cooked.

A lantern in the park.

After lunch we continued on a bit hiking up a steep hill and then back down the other side. At this point, my mother in law had had enough walking, and also, my father in law decided it was time to head to a friend’s place for dinner. Father in law wanted to show off his foreign son in law so it looked like we were going to have to go as well. There was much more to see in the park. Luckily the bus that would take us to the entrance was further down the road so we kept going. At the bus stop Susan got us out of going to this friend’s house. Another uncle and his wife and daughter also decided to stay in the park. So the 6 of us kept going to some sort of pagoda/viewing tower. We took a few photos and then went down the mountain to get taxis back. Uncle and family went home, we went to the friend’s house.

Riding a horse in the park.

Katherine with some stone tigers.

In the Zodia circle, we pose with some rats.

This friend of my father in law was probably sitting on stacks of dough. Formly government, he’d gone into the mining businesss. He is about to start up something to do with electric cars. The car he was currently driving was  Chevy Blazer. It was loaded, but pretty old. Apparently, he owned a Mercedes or something else super expensive, but loaned it to his brother who took it to the village mechanic for something.  The end result was so painful that our rich mining baron just drove the blazer and tried not to think about his beloved Benz.

Susan and Katherine.

My father in law.

On top of the watchtower.

Anyway, his apartment was a two floor townhouse sort of thing with a European theme inside. He had vases all over the place. He also had some pretty good grub. My relatives make ok food, but they only make a few dishes when I visit them. I’ve grown tired of what they serve. But this guy had some pretty tasty stuff. All of it was organic, he proudly said. He drove us back to Uncle Buick’s house in the Blazer and we went to bed.

Mr Pennybags and home.


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