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On Saturday I took Katherine out for a morning walk to give Susan a chance to sleep in a bit. I walked out for an hour or so until I came to some older woman selling these lovely cardboard “doll houses.” I thought it too bad for Katherine that she wasn’t a bit older or I would have bought her one. I did however buy a “sample” pack of the Hell Bank money I mentioned earlier. Later I found out the truth about the cardboard houses. Turns out, you burn them in hopes that when you reach the afterlife, you’ll find a nice house waiting for you. I never got a photo of these houses.

Oh no, the TV doesn't work in Uncle Buick's house.

Inspecting the kitchen.

A toast to good food.

The plan was to visit yet another one of my inlaw’s friends. I personally get a bit bored with them and would rather explore Nanning but oh well. We first went to their apartment and it appeared as if my “elders” were about to tear the place apart inspecting the new place. Then we abruptly left and went to a restaurant. It was the best meal of the trip.

My family.

I wrote the menu down:

Roast sweet and sour goose
Steamed chicken
Sour veggies
Flavored rice
Pork with bamboo shoots
Chicken soup
Cashew celery
Bean bread
Egg plant
Egg custard buns
Ham with corn
Beef with mushrooms.

A covered bridge.

We said goodbye to the friend and then started walking, to where I’m not sure. However almost immediately we came to a museum/tourism center. Susan and I broke away and spent a few hours at this place. Everyone else went shopping and then went home. There are many minorities in Guangxi province and this place had many photos of all of them, as well as some recreations of famous minority buildings. The museum had some paintings and vases and what not. It felt like we just walked around thinking about how much we wanted to check out minority villages in China. Maybe in the future.

More to come.

Susan infront of the covered bridge.

Yes, I would give this place, where ever it is, a thumbs up.


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