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Tuesday January 11th

Another post from the past. Not sure why, but we were out and about for some reason, and discovered the Peasant Movement Institute Museum.  It was free and while kept up, it didn’t appear to have received the makeover that many tourist sites got prior to the Asian games. This was really a memorial to the cult of Mao, so perhaps Mao is slipping further down the totem pole. But inside the museum they mention how Mao trained China’s people to rise up.

Susan and Katherine at the PMI.

These figures were so lifelike that I initially thought they were actors sitting in the room.

This temple was also at the PMI.

New buildings rise up behind old at the Peasant Movement Institute.

Later, we went to IKEA with Susan’s parents. IKEA is always pretty crazy with people running everywhere, sitting on everything, and eating in all of the food courts. I’m sure it is similar to this in the US, but I can’t picture it being as crowded.

My father in law checks out a sofa in one of the living room demos.

Susan's parents check out some kitchen toys.

At IKEA one can get a hotdog for just a couple of RMB. People line up waiting to add ketchup and mustard.

For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant. We got there just as they were setting up. Apparently, the restaurant uses a service acess hallway to seat guests, so every night they send in their chefs to put out tables and chairs.


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