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Demonstration of shutter speed and shadow

I recieved this question and thought I would answer it in this post so that I could just paste the whole thing, photos in all in another forum.

“Could you explain the connection between higher shutter speed and harder shadow?”

Perhaps we might have different definitions of “hard.” I’m not sure if the edge would be more defined but what I do mean is that the shadow would be more pronounced. I’m posting an example that shows what I’m talking about. Please forgive ugliness of the example. Both are straight out of camera with no PP.

Shot 1
1/45th @ 5.6, ISO 1600
This was just about what the camera metered for the ambient. I popped a speedlight off camera using a cable and  more or less shot my shadow. Come to think of it, I dind’t even focus the camera. But note the more “gray” shadow.

For this one I changed nothing but the Shutter speed which was pushed to 1/250th. The speedlight is on TTL.
Note how the shadow is more of a black. I could have dropped the ISO on both shots to make it more obvious, but does this demonstrate what I’m talking about?


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